Podcast 322 – “The Evolution of Intelligence”


Guest speaker: Timothy Leary


[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“In my function as a [college] lecturer, it’s my obligation, it’s my task, it’s my duty to instigate irreverence for authority, questioning of authority.”

“And that’s one of the things that is kind of amazing today, the junk information that we’re being inundated with, the cloud, the atmosphere, the smog of disinformation.”

“Reagan is a certifiable lunatic”

“The first narcotics bust in history is Jehovah busting Adam and Eve for eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.”

“We’re getting to one of those moments, one of those great moments in history, when evolution is going to happen.”

“At all costs avoid terminal adulthood.”

“You are as old as the last time you reprogrammed your brain or changed your mind.”

“You’re as old as the people you hang out with.”

“There is no reason why any human being should work. Robots work, humans perform.”

“The sensible thing to do about drugs is this, get yourself a really good dealer.”


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Myron Stolaroff’s Lone Pine Stories

The Discovery of Love: A Psychedelic Experience with LSD-25

by Malden Grange Bishop (Dodd, Mead & Company: New York, 1963)
Reviewed by Lorenzo Hagerty

Mavericks of the Mind – Elizabeth Gips (read online)

Thought Provoking Interviews on Consciousness by David Jay Brown
Timothy Leary

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  1. Hello there, would anyone know whether Dr.Timothey Leary’s quote “There is no reason why any human being should work. Robots work, humans perform.” comes from his book or some speech? Thank you very much in advance!

  2. Lorenzo,
    I couldn’t find a personal email to contact you? Do you have one?

    I am just curious if you had any thing to say regarding Jan Irvin’s research on Gordon Wasson and the CIA (among other things).


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: My email is lorenzo (at) matrixmasters (dot) com

    As for Jan’s “research”, I find it riddled with inconsistencies, misstatements of fact, made up “facts”, and IMO is just an opinion based on some paranoid fantasy that Aldoux Huxley founded Esalen and started the human potential movement on behalf of the CIA in order to promote the use of psychedelics . . . or some crazy idea like that.]

  3. Happy Birthday Lorenzo! I left a donation on the Palenque Norte IndieGogo fundraiser in your honor as a present:
    Made in honor of Lorenzo Hagerty’s 70th Birthday this month, one dollar for every year on the planet. Happy Birthday, Lorenzo!
    Peace, Love, and Light,
    <3 Naomi C <3

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: :-), that was very kind of you . . . . I really appreciate your support for our lecture series.]

  4. Congratulations Lorenzo!

    and thanks for telling us about some of your family history and this exciting story of Janice Jakait, who rowed across the atlantic and listened to your podcasts….how cool is that?!

    Pura Vida to all saloners!

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