Podcast 311 – “The Spirit of the Internet”


Guest speaker: Lorenzo


This podcast features a recording of a talk that I gave in March of 2001 at The Inside Edge, a Southern California association of cultural creatives. The topic was some of the themes in my book, “The Spirit of the Internet: Speculations on the Evolution of Global Consciousness”. One of the more controversial aspects of this talk is my comparison of a deep Internet experience with a psychedelic experience. . . . Also included in this podcast is some discussion of the growing student strike in Quebec and the mounting student loan debt bubble here in the U.S.


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Full Text of this talk (PDF)

The Inside Edge

100,000+ Quebec Students Protest Debt

Student debt: the new slavery? by RTAmerica

Occupy Graduation: US student debt destroying the Future of our Youth – RTNews

10 Things You Should Know About the Quebec Student Movement

Huge Montreal Student Protest, March 22 2012 (view from bridge)

Howard Bloom’s KickStarter project to promote “The God Problem”

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  1. Hi Lorenzo,

    I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach you, but I recently listened to your podcast on the Spirit of the Internet, and would love to speak more with you about this text. Actually, I just bought it on the Kindle. I’m a graduate student in my last semester at Goddard College, in the consciousness studies program. My thesis study is on the internet and the rise of a new consciousness in human culture, and I’ve spent the last two years doing a humble, but transdisciplinary investigation into myth, the archaic mind, cultural evolution, technology and the imagination. You’ve come to very similar conclusions that my hypothesis led me to.

    If there’s a way to speak with you via email or phone, that would be terrific. If not, I intend on sharing this podcast, and hopefully (although last minute!), incorporate some of your book with my thesis.

    Feel free to contact me, otherwise, I loved your thoughts and thanks for speaking up!

    I’m also relatively new to your blog and perusing the archives. Wonderful!



  2. Hey Lorenzo. Thanks for all the good work. Just wanted to let my fellow East Coasters and in particular those in the vicinity of the City of Brotherly Love that UPenn is hosting a pretty major psychedelics conference called Psychedemia at the end of this coming September. Tix for the three day event are super reasonable and the panels are really diverse and interesting. This is the first event of this kind in my neighborhood that I’m aware of and is really promising and validating to see. Spread the word, and I hope to connect with some of the others in Philly this Fall!

  3. just downloaded the mp3 and pdf files, but before i even get to them i want to tell you that my immediate reaction to a 100% Lorenzo post was joy and anticipation and an urge to encourage.

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