Podcast 306 – “Terence McKenna & Ram Das in Prague”


Guest speakers: Ram Das, Terence McKenna, and Angeles Arrien

Ram Das & Terence McKennaPROGRAM NOTES:

“The thing that seemed to me so important about the psychedelic experience was that it happened to me. I wasn’t reading John Chrysostom or Meister Eckhart. And so I assumed that I am a very ordinary person, therefore, if it happened to me it could happen to anyone.” –Terence McKenna

“Psychedelics are a miracle, yes. They may not be the only miracle. I think they may have already done what they were to do. I think what is done is so much more powerful than anybody recognizes.” –Ram Das

“I see all this destruction as just the process of transformation. The question is whether we’ll keep it together in the process of transformation.” –Ram Das

“So I really see the psychedelics as directly intervening in the core process, which is running us over the edge, which is our inability to connect with the consequences of what we’re doing.” –Ram Das

[Speaking of the Sixties: “The fact that they noticed us was because we were busy making statements, instead of just being it.” –Ram Das

[McKenna] “So it isn’t enough to just say, the system will take care of itself?” [Ram Das] “Well I am part of the system that is taking care of itself.”

“I lead a continuous paradox that suffering stinks and suffering’s great. And I live with both of those all the time.” –Ram Das

“To me, the most amazing the most amazing transformation in my lifetime is not the revolution of the Sixties but the counter revolution of the Seventies, where they managed to put the cuckoo clock back together again” –Terence McKenna

“I think that the crisis that came to Marxism is coming now to the RepubliCrat oligarchy in America.” –Terence McKenna

“No more do we create cultural artifacts that are simply our furniture, but now it’s our thoughts, our values, are embodied in this [digital] stuff.” –Terence McKenna


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Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them By Angeles Arrien

World Council of Indigenous Peoples

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  1. Thanks Lorenzo for archiving so much valuable information and keeping it moving out into the public domain. I made this film and it’s great to see it proliferated on the web so widely. Something that many people are interested in knowing is that the waiter was not Czech, but rather a German character named Mickey Reman who was known for promoting things like underwater concerts. Terence knew him but it was a surprise to see Mickey show up as the waiter. Ram Dass had no idea who he was and that he was anything other than a Czech waiter.

    Steve Marshank

  2. Thanks, Zuma, for the great links and associative connections. I love this video. Glad you posted this part of it, Lorenzo. The Sheldrake conversation is great, too.

  3. regarding the Monk And The General fable (which i loved and was glad to hear), it reminded me of a poignant lesson i learned as a young boy from a Superman comic book of all things. in the comic book, Superman had been split into two, each getting an allotment of half of the original’s abilities, with one having the superstrength and the other the imvulnerability. guess who won in any contest between them -*not* the one with all the superstrength…

    fables are literally fabulous things, indeed.
    Nasrudin comes to mind.

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