Podcast 301 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 4


Guest speaker: Bruce Damer

Lorenzo Hagerty & Bruce DamerPROGRAM NOTES:

In this, the concluding episode of recordings from the workshop titled “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” and led by Bruce Damer and Lorenzo, we hear Bruce’s final presentation in which he begins by taking us on a mental voyage around our solar system. From there he tells a fascinating story of his meeting with a somewhat dodgy character who convincingly explained that, although it may appear that way at times, there actually is no cabal secretly controlling human affairs. Following that begins an interesting Q & A session. . . . In the Occupy segment of the podcast I ponder over the pros and cons of the Black Bloc tactics that have become somewhat controversial lately.

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Bruce Damer.]

“The financial system is a giant hair ball of GO-TO statements and lack of control and out of control pools of assets that flow.”

“We do not have real technology compared to what nature does. We’re not even close.”


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  1. [NOTE: This comment originally appeared on Lorenzo’s personal blog, but is also appropriate here.]

    Hi Lorenzo,
    I was somewhat sadly disappointed when I went to all major “landmark” sites and found no mention on anniversary of Terence’s death. Last night at 2:15am I lit a joint and a candle and set his small photo next to them. I never met Terence while he was alive and got exposed to his works and the community he helped to spawn only eight years after his passing, but thanks to his legacy of books, correspondence letters as well as video and audio records, the past few years of my life changed in most wonderful and weird ways. We all know he was sometimes contradicting in his logic and occasionally made conflicting statements, but I think I learned to look passed the mistakes and flaws of people around me by finding the same flaws in myself. Terence was a dreamer and a poet, and I believe having such title (besides being a shaman, philosopher, anarchist, a provocateur…) gives the right to be mistaken and somewhat lost, as he admitted on several occasions in his interviews. I think what I learned while listening to him was the glimpse of the soul of a truly wonderful man, a true shaman and amazing story-teller, who will always remain my favorite elf, one of the greatest prophets who lived on the slopes of the world’s largest volcano.
    I always say to my co-religionist circle that IT IS NOT US WHO MAKE THE WAVE, BUT RATHER THE WAVE MAKES US. Terence was one of the just few who had the courage and the vision to open the floodgates to let the wave out. Or turn the knob and walk through the door, as he put it himself.

    Cheers, LOVE your podcasts, they keep me up at nights without a shadow of regret next morning

    P.S. would be great if you could get the Zuvuya band members to speak in one of your podcasts about Dream Matrix Telemetry they did with Terence and how it came to be – I listen to it whenever I am having a hard journey and it always brings me out to light, a wonderful sound guide in the dark places of the hyper-realm…


  2. thanks for the dailypsychedelicvideo link. right now i’m seeing your blogroll to my right with Spirit Plants Radio highlighted (cause i’ve been there, thanks to you) and i’ve been tuning in there a lot in the past month or two.
    so i click on the link again now and enjoy more -until i click through to their archive page and start some downloads going:
    and then go back to the current broadcast page and it recontinues…

    re: Chicago, no disparagement, just noting it’s prevalence. the University of Chicago has had a lot of great alumni, for example, while also many notorious. the notorious ones got my attention first which bade me note the many great ones i learned of afterwards. i know little of Chicago, frankly, but it just keeps coming up in national politics, quite often White House related. Rahm Emmanuel comes to mind, etc. it’s a great city, a big city, an important city, and i’d do well to study and understand it better.

    correction: the 1984 excerpt mp3 link i’d posted is incorrect. the correct link is http://zuma.vip.warped.com/forcesofhate.mp3

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Yes, Chicago is a great city, filled with great people . . . but their politicians leave a lot to be desired . . . almost all of them.]

  3. @roman aya
    i was tickled to see your comment after submitting my own. delightful synchronicity, for sure. hi.

    hi Lorenzo,
    …btw, i just tried the PsychedelicSalon.tv link and tis brokens…

    * * *

    finished the podcast, all the way through. i was glad to hear some afterward editing. black bloc bespeaks to me of an absence of common sense, wisdom, heart, creativity, knowledge of history and higher thought in general. that any question of violent revolution is even entertained is appalling to me. resistance is what power grows from, just like with barbells. counterforce isn’t what’s called for, but antiforce.

    like you say, even the tea partiers have something in common with us. one thing, for example, is the notion of the right to self-defense. (the tea partiers at this point have their own bailiwicks to clean up in that regard, such as addressing the licenses-to-kill (under auspices of the FBI) of Infragard -but i digress. they’re still with sarah palin anyway, yes?) but pro-active violence in the name of revolution? surely we know better. has it really worked out better here than fill-in-the-blank? nope. or we wouldn’t be discussing it. as you say, going head to head with The Man is not a good idea. it’s worse, even; it’s his victory. let us leave such thinking to sarah palin.

    as heads, nothing can be more challenging to us than this time. as we engage the topic, we could welcome it as an opportunity.

    http://hare.org speaks to us about psychopathology. highlighting the role of conscience -or its lack thereof. (his book, ‘Snakes In Suits’ speaks more directly on that impact upon us than his book ‘Without Conscience’ does, actually. IMHO.)
    brain physiology would, i’d assume, be high on the list of pertinent topics between us and these issues of the day. the recent spate of comments from leith aitchison bring this to my mind as well. beware the coming of the new DSM coming out next year…

    the young may well be more likely to incur violence but also to eschew it. Yippie!

    …yippies… -why does america seem to revolve around Chicago all the time?? leo strauss, obama, the doomsday clock, ad infinitum. what’s up with that?

    this is an incredibly serious time. there are way too many people, the planet is full. the last thing we want is to be unthinking, uncreative, unvital, violent. we do not want that possession. the inorganic beings actually can suck…

    just say no to costumed superheroes packing heat!

    what we’re up against is deep politics, heavy power politics, way deeply entrenched, only now conspicuously peeking its ugly tip above the skin like an ancient carcinoma. it’s bigger than america now, and it’s out of control. no cabal, more like a meltdown. forget the oil companies. forget the handful of banks that own them. think of they whom own those banks and wonder what owns *them*…

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . I had to drop the PsychedelicSalon.tv site/url . . . just didn’t have the time to work on it. However, there is a fantastic psychedelic video site that is run by several people including a friend of mine and fellow saloner, Ido Hartogsohn. You will find it at http://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/ … Called “The Daily Psychedelic Video” . . . and be prepared to spend a lot of time there. It’s a fantastic resource. . . . 🙂 As for Chicago, I’m a Chicago (area) boy myself. So to me it just seems natural :-).]

  4. thank you, Lorenzo. i’ll send you an email then with a couple of thoughts. great post from Zuma above – exactly on the topic that drove me here. time to connect a big time, guys!

  5. only halfway through the podcast and already feeling the nibbles of quibbles from my own humble opinions regarding politics (9/11, the cabal feeling, etc.). yes, the cacophony of individual opinions is overwhelming and that’s even before the nitpicking begins.

    yes, as Lorenzo says, the question of whether 9/11 was a false flag op or not is largely (but not completely, in my view) mitigated by being so immediately exploited after the fact (as if it were one anyway). (shock and awe, anyone?) but for me, the single pertinent notion to focus upon is the interconnectedness globally of the mess[es]. this is not just strictly a U.S. mess. or messes. nor am i just referring to the transnat corporacracy but the whole manufactured dominator culture we export with the ever ongoing westernization of the world.

    everything is interconnected. we know that, right? no surprise there, but i believe that for normals or larvals, anything like global cosmic consciousness or even just the butterfly effect is new agey hoopla folderol. (never mind nick turse’s book, ‘The Complex’…)

    the impetus seems to be toward prison culture, where no one dare be unaffiliated. we here appreciate independence of mind, and recognize cognitive liberty as a birth right. in a prison, exercising unaffiliated independence can get you killed. i really believe that while they may or may not be cabals of any sort ala the Biderberg meets, the large loosely knit gangs of the larger world -whether corporate or not -have largely subsumed nationalities in power. it matters no longer at all who is in the white house or which party dominates the house and so on -right? our politicians have politically corrupted themselves into serfs. elite serfs maybe but ultimately powerless serfs just the same.

    even as the ‘occupy movement’ began internationally before our own actual OWS, i suggest the psychedelic community is strongly due for some global connecting.

    we have a decidedly nonmainstream perspective on things that comes before politics. before economic models even, if i may be so bold. everything begins with and centers around the mind. subjugating such freethinking may well have been part and parcel of the whole dom subculture from the getgo. co-opting freethinkers may have been successful to some degree but more like herding cats. does it really come down to drunks vs. stoners, or measuring everyone’s amygdala size? at root may well even be some primordial capacity for telepathy of a sort, now manifesting frictive conflicts -inquiring minds want to know. especially at darpa.

    euro/anglo centrism is our challenge. we do need to hear from our european head friends certainly, but also those from the other continents as well. consider the cultural histories where there hadn’t been the massive influx of LSD 50 years ago… consider the roots, history and subsequent travails of the relatively more recent chinese Falun Gong in particular (rather than say, something like Buddhism, in general as the beat generation opened us to). when i hear news of them i remember my fate is ultimately tied to my theirs like any other such oppressed group.

    truth and justice displaces power and privilege. if we can’t easily bring it to bear upon the miscreants responsible for our messes as julian benda’s teachings may advise, we might recognize our own circling, our own insular karass, and try to dispel such corral by reinforcing our connectedness globally and hearing other voices. voices not particularly vested in our culture or industry. terence gave us pablo amaringo. how many like him have we missed? terence didn’t find him by google, that’s for sure. lost knowledge is our greatest regret. we’re losing more each day. the tribe needs reports! what rainbow gathering member knows of some obscure old lady in eurasia we’d love to know of? etc…

    …i’d love to know what terence would have to say about this:

    “The truth is useless. You have to understand this right now. You can’t deposit the truth in a bank. You can’t buy groceries with the truth. You can’t pay rent with the truth. The truth is a useless commodity that will hang around your neck like an albatross all the way to the homeless shelter. And if you think that the million or so people in this country that are really interested in the truth about their government can support people who would tell them the truth, you got another thing coming. Because the million or so people in this country that are truly interested in the truth don’t have any money.”
    -Jeb Bush

    pardon my didactic verbosity, please. i do wish more would so indulge themselves though. Zoe7, are you out there?

  6. You mentioned somewhere lately about the possible skype conferences organised. Can you tell me you skype name somehow? I can’t seem to find where you said about all this.

    Greeting from the Russian pshychedelic underground, be the way 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: To set up a Skype mini-salon, first send me two suggested date/times and most likely I’ll be able to join you for one of them . . . email is: lorenzo (at) matrixmasters (dot) com. Once we set up a day/time I’ll meet you in Skype. You can find me on Skype under the handle: psychedelicsalon . . . I look forward to connecting with you and your friends.]

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