Podcast 300 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 3


Guest speaker: Lorenzo

Fawkes Mask by Randal RobertsPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast picks up with the third section of the workshop that Bruce Damer and I led on January 28th. This section features my second presentation of the day in which I try to live up to the advanced billing for the workshop which read: “Lorenzo will take us from 2013 into the emerging era of cyber-enhanced humans, immersed in a meme-space stranger than we can suppose.”

In the Occupy segment of the podcast I feature an interview with and a talk by Chris Hedges, including his criticism of the Black Bloc hooligans who are doing their best to destroy the Occupy Movement.


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Art by Randal Roberts (who provided the art for this podcast)

Description of the elements in “Fawkes” by Randal Roberts

Video of today’s podcast

What You Should Know About 2012: Answers to 13 Questions by John Hoopes, Ph.D.

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  1. There are definitely a couple further minutiae to acquire keen on consideration, nevertheless merit for sharing this info.

  2. Thank you Lorenzo, your podcasts have been a light in the darkness. Truly thanks, and congratulations!

  3. @Zuma thanks for sharing that, great to see that they have the date for the consciousness modeling so far in the future… a brain-modeling technique that allows consciousness to “rest” on the circuitry, now that might actually wake up

  4. @Keith Cycloid

    The Madness of Dmitry Itskov
    Hopefully, consciousness is nonlocal and these lunatics have no chance of success. Otherwise…

    But according to Dmitry Itskov, a 31-year-old Russian media mogul, the U.S. military’s Avatar initiative doesn’t go nearly far enough. He’s got a massive, sci-fi-esque venture of his own that he hopes will put the Pentagon’s project to shame. Itskov’s plan: Construct robots that’ll (within 10 years, he hopes) actually store a human’s mind and keep that consciousness working. Forever.

    “This project is leading down the road to immortality,” Itskov, who founded New Media Stars, a Russian company that runs several online news outlets, tells Danger Room. “A person with a perfect Avatar will be able to remain part of society. People don’t want to die.”

    Itskov’s project, also called “Avatar,” actually precedes the Pentagon’s. He launched the initiative a year ago, but recently divulged more details to a group of futurists – including Ray Kurzweil – at a three-day immortality conference, called Global Future 2045, held in Moscow.

    Until now, most of the work on Itskov’s Avatar has taken place in Russia, where he claims to have hired 100 scientists – all of them paid out of his own deep pockets. Now, Itskov plans to take the mission global. “I want to collaborate with scientists from around the world,” he says. “This is a new strategy for the future; for humanity.”

  5. One of the key points is, the singularity won’t be singular. But I do think there is a type of acceleration happening, that we can feel in various ways, that McKenna was onto with novelty theory, and Kurzweil gets into as well.

    I agree on the silicon brain, largely because the brain is more than calculation or circuitry, consciousness merely rests on the mechanism of the brain.

    Lorenzo, I found another McKenna talk that I don’t believe you have played. It’s a good one, good audio, and no license issues methinks. I emailed you the link.


    ps. looking for the ‘like’ button on EU’s comment!

  6. Wooo Hooo 300!
    Well done to you 🙂
    This 3 part series has been not only a great podcast but also the extra video material/effort is much appreciated. There was no way I was going to get to these being on the underside of the globe:)
    The Chris Hedges interviews are great too, though it has caused some to question his idea of what the Black Bloc is.
    This piece by David Graeber in particular is interesting reading I thought; http://nplusonemag.com/concerning-the-violent-peace-police

  7. Hello Groove S, yes indeed there have been a number of these sims of neurons for years but none do the job at the level of individual atoms (so-called molecular dynamics or MD simulation). As we tunnel in deeper and deeper and discover new subtleties of cellular behavior I was questioning whether more abstract simulations could “leave anything out” and still get the goat of what neurons actually do. No worries tho, no chance of a silicon brain any time soon. This kind of work in larger scale MD moves oh so slowly, on the order of decades.

  8. At about 49:26 on this podcast you quote Bruce Damer as saying”all the computer systems on earth can’t even model this one neuron…”.New research announced by MIT claims that a new silicon analog chip which mimics a brain neuron can actually process impulses faster than biological neurons. The endocannabinoid receptors of the brain are mentioned in the press release also.
    Is this evidence of acceleration of the rate of change? Is the singularity upon us? YeeeeHaaaa!


  9. Indeed, it seems that everyone is playing their part. The screwheads will not prevail over the expansion of collective consciousness. They’re more likely to wipe themselves out. They will fulfill their own prophesies, and expansion will continue. It’s the nature of the universe.

  10. Congratulations on your 300th outreach to “find the others”. We’re out here and we’re tuning in not only on this podcast but in circles of ferocious loving intent circling the globe. Gaia’s blood is circulating in our veins!

  11. In the 90’s I genuinely thought I was king sh*t as network TV news producer. I could leap continents and plumb oceans with 6 daily satellite feeds, 3 wire services, 1 helicopter and 3 international news bureax at my disposal.

    Yesterday in the grocery line I looked down to see a toddler in a stroller expertly operating his parents castaway handheld device. That kid held in his sweaty little hands 10 times the potential of my hotshot network editing suites.

    Then there’s that homeless guy you like, streaming OWS to the planet with his handheld. His Radio Shack drone at the ready. There are no more hotshots… probably this is a good thing.

    Really liking how your ‘cast is…bifurcating at an accelerated rate. Nature loves courage. Breathtaking to see what’ll come next. No fear, no fun.

    Social media is right now pretty close to telepathy with road rules, IMO. It’s a test and a mirror…and a vast portal into our every thought. If I were an alien intelligence, mushroom or otherwise, I would devise just such an instrument to obtain an in depth view of the entire human herd.

    All of this movement is far beyond the control of those who claim to be the adults in the grocery line. We’re all hotshots now. Good thing.

  12. yes thank you much for the 300 podcasts and congratulations!

    if it wasnt for the psychedelic salon i would probably still be a very confused young man grappling to cope in this strange world.

    seriously, when i found this place a few years back and listened to a podcast (it was one of McKennas whom I had never heard before) I was instantly hooked. i began a ritual where i would play a new podcast every night as i went to bed. sometimes i would just go right to sleep, sometimes i would stay up listening intently, but over the years it has helped me to strengthen my understanding of this human situation and has convinced me that im not crazy after all.

    i cant even begin to tell you what wonders that has done for me personally, so thanks to you and the great speakers and minds youve allowed to beam into heads like my own! im sure it can be rough sometimes trying to keep up a podcast like this but keep in mind you are working miracles and changing lives 🙂

  13. Believe it Lorenzo, you truly are the Cyberdelic Podfather of our time, so huge great big CONGRATS on your 300th podcast! (^o^)/ Joo00OO00oobilation!!

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