Podcast 298 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 1


Guest speakers: Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty

Bruce Damer and Lorenzo HagertyPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features the first of the recordings from last weekend’s workshop (titled “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012”) that Bruce Damer and Lorenzo led in the Los Angeles area on January 28, 2012. In addition to Lorenzo’s remarks and some comments by those in attendance, three videos created by Bruce Damer were shown. Those videos are embedded below.

The second part of the podcast is the Occupy Movement update, which features a conversation between Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges. During the course of their conversation they debate the relative merits of pushing for a Constitutional Convention verses non-violent civil disobedience. Also included is a sound bite from one of OccupyFreedomLA’s live video feeds in which a speaker addresses the actions now being taken by those who are suffering from the foreclosure epidemic that is facing so many people in the U.S.


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Video of the first session of the workshop

Books mentioned in this podcast

Land Without Evil: A Novel
By Matthew J. Pallamary

Death of the Liberal Class
By Chris Hedges

Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress–and a Plan to Stop It
By Lawrence Lessig

“The Occupy Movement seems deeply rational for not engaging in normal politics, because normal politics gets us Barack Obama.” -Lawrence Lessig

“All of the correctives to American democracy came through movements that never achieved formal political power.” -Chris Hedges

“Which in my mind means the system is not reformable but will have to be pushed aside. And I think in that sense the Occupy Movement is, in sort of classical terms, correctly defined as a revolutionary movement.” -Chris Hedges

“The legislative branches, both at the state and the federal level, are wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state.” -Chris Hedges

“But this is a moment, this is more the French Revolution moment. This is a moment when everything is falling apart at the same time, and it’s another reason to be pushing on every front at the same time.” -Lawrence Lessig

This is the YouTube video from which I extracted some of the audio for this podcast.

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  1. Hi zeNoir, thrift stores, travels around the globe, Galen’s closet, some amazing crafters like LightenUp and Phoenix Rising Artists, and a few things I design and make myself 😉

  2. Again, Lorenzo, thank you so very much for your (what seems like) tireless efforts. You have brought many of us together. What an achievement!
    And I’d really like to know where Bruce finds his clothes. I Imagine many different places.
    Peace buddy.

  3. Keith Cycloid,

    Thanks for the link; that was great! I stumbled across the electric sheep site years ago and lost track of it. Sadly, some of the older graphic stories that originally charmed me seem to have been removed. Nevertheless, it’s so nice to re-discover it.

  4. I put the Lifestream together from photos from Dennis McKenna, my own collection, contributed ones and some floating around the net. It also includes some views of some of the only surviving documents (letters, software etc) from Terence from a small archive collection I have put together. This was a heartfelt exercise and I hope captures Terence’s life in some way, full of all its adventures, extraordinary-ness and tragedy.

  5. I really had a wonderful experience with this one, Lorenzo, thank you so much for making these podcasts!


    It’s all about love

  6. I have to admit that the Lifestream got me choked up and I shed a tear or two. Well done to whoever created it. I really get a sense of knowing him somehow from it. I also got an overwhelming sense of tragedy in his dying so early and what may have been. It’s up to us to take his thoughts and run with them,.

  7. @Keith,
    i just got here to this post -haven’t viewed the vids or heard the podcast yet -but i did just now click on your proffered link -and was summarily blown away. thank you.
    p.s.: i don’t normally view twitter pages but that’s what your own url was so view it i did (just before submitting this note). -what a delightful surprise; actual substantial content on a twitter page for once. nice.

    …now on to Lozo’s post i go.

  8. Look I thought I could get it across but it is truely
    unwordable. because to me it is so omnipresent maybe
    but cummon its whats going on. We are becoming/being symbiotic
    partners with the global universal electronic network.
    We can and are doing literally anything. Interface with the
    machines co-operate.


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