Podcast 295 – “The World and It’s Double” Part 1


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Culture denies experience. We all have had, and even a population of non-psychedelic people have had, prophetic dreams, intimations, unlikely strings of coincidences, all of these sort of things. These are all experiences, which cultures deny.”

“We live at the end of a thousand year binge on the philosophical position known as materialism in its many guises.”

“We’re literally at the end of our rope. Reason and science and the practice of unbridled capitalism have not delivered us into an angelic realm.”

“So we’re in, essentially, a tragic situation. A tragic situation is a catastrophe when you know it.”

“Boundary dissolution is the most threatening activity that can go on in a society. People, meaning government institutions, become very nervous when people begin to talk to each other.”

“I think of history as a kind of mass psychedelic experience, and the drug is technology.”

“We have packed more change into the last 10,000 years than the billion years which preceded it. And yet, as entities, as animals, meat, we have not changed at all in 10,000 years.”

“What psychedelics do, and I think this isn’t too challengeable, is they catalyze imagination. They drive you to think what you would not think otherwise.”

“Notice that the enterprise of human history is nothing more than the fallout created by strange ideas.”

“We have the tools that would allow us to sculpt paradise, but we have the reflexes and value systems of anthropoid apes of some sort.”

“Our entire psychology is characterized by a profound discontent.”


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Future Theater Radio – Interview with Lorenzo


A one-day seminar celebrating the life and ideas of Terence McKenna and taking the next steps beyond 2012 with Bruce Damer and Lorenzo

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  1. Hi, I had not heard of Terrance McKenna before now and after listening to a few podcasts find it very interesting. Thanks

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  3. Why did you post this when there are copies of it all over the net. Surely your time digitalizing would be better spent on a new one, such as the whole box Ralph Abraham gave you that you sometimes talk about. I was quite literally ecstatic when I saw you posted a new Mckenna talk, but once I started listening and it turned out to be one I’d heard I was really quite dejected.

    And seeing as the timewave is almost over (something I know you don’t believe but we who has actually tried to disprove it before rejecting it believe it) it would be really nice to hear him talk about it a bit. Or at least hear something we haven’t heard before in the year before the zero point. And out of respect for Mckenna I would think you would post something actually specifically about the timewave for once. [Four podcasts about TimeWave at: http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/?cat=87%5D

    I hope you don’t take this as insult or anger. I really REALLY appreciate the work you do on this. I also Really respect you, and would be quite depressed if this place sht down. But if I were in your place I would post ASAP all the Mckenna lectures you have horded up, like all the other places with Terence audio did when Esalen fracked up his archives.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: But as I said in the podcast, I have exhausted my entire collection of McKenna recordings. Hopefully, some new ones will find me.]

  4. Hi Lorenzo, many thanks for continuing to bring us this invaluable podcast.

    This talk was given on September 11th 1993 (from Chris May’s bibliography at terencemckenna.com)

    McKenna drops a reference to the WTC around 50 minutes in.

    Have a great 2012 Lorenzo and all Saloners.


  5. the Future Theater Radio interview was extraordinarily enjoyable to hear, Lorenzo. i was totally delighted. the opportunities to hear you on the other side of the microphone may be more plentiful than i know (although i think i did search such out a few years ago) and would love to know of more such. the background that comes out in such gives much greater context to the Salon podcasts.

  6. Me too, Dev! I have not found a better source for Terence than this podcast… Thanks, Lorenzo!

  7. I have a lot of respect for Terrence McKenna and honestly would not know much about him if not for Lorenzo.

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