Podcast 291 – RAW “The ‘I’ In The Triangle” Part 2


Guest speaker: Robert Anton Wilson

Occupy Wall Street Ray Lewis beign arrestedPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Robert Anton Wilson.]

“I think we’re in a period of fractal chaos, and the whole system is collapsing, and every week is a new surprise.” (1990)

“Things are happening so fast that the only prediction I’ll make is that everything is going to happen faster than we expect it.”

“That’s why I don’t believe in monolithic conspiracy theories, there’s one group that runs everything. If there was one group that runs everything the world would make a little sense.”


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Tim Pool, Journalist Extraordinaire, (link to his live video feed from Occupy Wall Street)

GENERAL STRIKE, by Moe Shinola

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“The Bat Signal”

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  1. Thank you for another intrepid spin on the world by RA Wilson. “If one group were in charge the world would make some kind of sense”… lol, great point. Lots of laughs in the course of that talk. I just picked up “Prometheus Rising” from the library and I have to say the laughs don’t stop when he’s typing it all out, even the preface is pretty hilarious.

    I hope you don’t mind, Lorenzo, but I’m re-feeding your latest occupysalon.us posts on the page for an occupy work group I’m involved in called universalsoldier.ca

    Our foundation is loose and still coming together, but our central mission is to dream, plan, and in the spring depart by foot on a trek to Ottawa, to confront the Canadian govt and people with an alternative and pragmatic demonstration of how to live.

    I’m very inspired by the group that took 12 days to walk from NY to Washington,DC. I hope other groups like this will emerge in the days to come.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: … of course I don’t mind you reposting anything from the podcasts. In fact, I’m honored.]

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