Podcast 290 – RAW “The ‘I’ In The Triangle” Part 1


Guest speaker: Robert Anton Wilson

Makana The MightyPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Robert Anton Wilson.]
“There actually have been studies done at many schools in the big cities where IQ has measurably decreases from the entering of grammar school to graduation from high school. The longer they’re there they dumber they get. And some people think that’s an accident, or an oversight, or a mistake, but that is the function of the public schools. The function of the public schools is to stop thinking.”

“I perforce had to invent this style of paradoxes to prevent people from thinking they’re getting the truth out of my books. What you’re getting out of my books is my guesses, my hunches, sometimes my prejudices. … I don’t claim to know the truth.”

“And as a matter of fact, governments don’t act, governments only react. The bankers make the decisions, and then governments decide how are we going to adjust to this. Government can’t do anything unless the bank gives them the money to do it.”


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Links and videos mentioned in this podcast

Robert Anton Wilson (DVD) “The ‘I’ in the Triangle” from The Original Falcon Press

Artist, saloner, and one of the Brooklyn Bridge 700:
Ken Vallario (Web site)

Ken Vallario’s story of his arrest

Information request about
Children of the Revolution: Tune Back In (2005)

OCCUPY STREAM (Video feeds from numerous Occupy sites)

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  1. That was powerful in so many aspects …..the thought that a little from all adds up to a lot …wow that’s a powerful notion .. ladies and gentlemen we have a new narmtional anthem
    Thank you lorenzo

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  3. Dear Lorenzo and the Psychedelic Community,

    I was pleased by your decision to include so much “Occupy” related material in recent weeks. You speak of a strange feeling related to this movement, which I can attest to myself. I recently went on an intense LSD trip with an experienced friend/guide, and at peak moments we both came to a seemingly unavoidable conclusion related to the movement. It certainly coincides with Terrence McKenna’s regular comments that we are “headed for the stars” or more specifically that there is an “angel in the monkey” trying to break out.

    There were clear visions suggesting that our consciousness was pointing towards breaking free of physical matter (the body) and that my friend (a male but representing the feminine) had been sent to convey this message to me (the masculine element), and that the two strands were necessary to manage this move.

    It sounds so ridiculous afterwards, but I was just wondering if anybody could relate to these ideas?

    Love, Peace and Tranquility to y’all!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I perfectly understand what you are saying. Over the past two months I’ve also experienced a few moments like that, and they were “on the natch”, which was an additional surprise. I don’t know how the world is going to end, but this is how it’s going to begin!]

  4. Viva OWS.Viva Lorenzo. The UC Davis gassings should be looked on as a total OWS victory. Big A authority is at last acknowledging that the 99% exist. Everyone has advice for OWS. Mine is to forget the police right now and quickly determine the actual names and home addresses of the individuals who treat police wage ‘bots as their personal staff. Aim High, as the old Air Force recruiting slogan goes. Police are just societys hall monitors bravely acting as human shields for the Big A’s cowering behind them. Seems to me the OWS organization-ism is displaying way more discipline than the boys who play dress up, strap stuff on from the Homeland Security closet and pretend they’re superheros operating in a digitized version of Bagdhad.
    Stay focused OWS. I admire and support you all. Lorenzo, expect some spooky events on your website. Just sayin’.

  5. An E-economy is emerging. Its not a question of if it will
    occur but how. A system that takes advantage of all hacks,
    that tenaciously strives to make more information more available. No privacy, everybody knows (or has access to)
    everything. Your value is the information you bring into
    the system. Information is money.

  6. dido @HappyDays, Lorenzo: You are legendary.

    I was laughing along with you at your hate mail. I’ve lowered myself to actually arguing with some similar sentiments on youtube (seems so pointless, but I always get suckered back into replying to blatant ignorance).

    This sequence of events is radicalizing me in a certain direction. I was never too keen on TM’s assertion that the culture crisis was so immediate and so time sensitive that psychedelics were the only way to effect the necessary changes. Now that I see how zombie-like and media-controlled the larger public is, and now that I’m having more contact with people addicted to heroine, crack, meth, and other VERY easily purchasable hard-drugs, to which these people are thoroughly enslaved, I’m starting to change my mind. The “bottom” end is addicted to shit drugs, the “middle” to shit media, and the “top” has so thoroughly arranged this messed up situation, that’s easier for a small child to go downtown and buy a rock (crack or crystal) than to walk into a store and buy a box of matches, never mind a hemp derived product or a bag of shrooms. I’m beginning to come round to the notion that this cannot be transcended “on the natch”.

  7. Dear Lorenzo!

    I just heard the beginning of this podcat and I had to pause to write this:

    I’m still here! I am never leaving the Salon!

    And it doesn’t matter what you support, or if I agree with it or not, cos the content of your podgifts is too rich to devalue, and I feel that you invite to an open and free dialogue here in the Salon even to the degree of challenging the technical limitations of such a forum (however I just so happen to agree with you and be a fervent supporter of the occupy movement, hehe).

    Please continue to follow your own judgement and inner voice when deciding how to do the podcats! (I didn’t type that wrong, i like to call them “podcats” 🙂

  8. Thank you Lorenzo, you’re a Legend!

    I believe that the sollution to our (the 99%s) challenge will be some sort of Direct E-Democracy (i.e. Collaborative E-Democracy), were the entire people can vote on most things through a national intranet, were each person’s vote can be digitally traced back to each individual in order to ensure transparency and by all means avoid more sneaky greedy stuff in government, but first one needs to take out the trash and remove the currently corrupt system. One person one vote is digitally possible. Direct Democracy is the most fair and democratic political system I have come across until now, and it is actually within reach thanks to the internet. If any ‘Saloner’ knows of another political system that might actually work, please let the world know:) Keep up the good work fellow truthseekers and freedomfighters:)

    Keep Occupying The World With Love & Truth!

    [My appologise for butchering your language]

  9. There was a documentary about R.A.W. titled MAYBE LOGIC and also another film that featured R.A.W. was called BORDERS (with Steve Buscemi)…thanks for another great podcast Lorenzo!


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