Podcast 286 – “The Revolution Continues” Part 3


Guest speaker: Timothy Leary

Occupy Wall StreetPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“Now, LSD is a dangerous drug because it’s basically a post-terrestrial experience. And for caterpillars to start taking a butterfly drug, it gives you perspectives, and forecasts what’s to come.”

“There’s perhaps less than ten percent of the population who should even consider, under the best circumstances of disciplined control, to take this drug, because LSD is not a hedonistic, laid-back, multi-orgasm drug. It really isn’t. It’s a neurological experience. It’s a sixth circuit neuroelectric experience, and it’s basically preparation for post-terrestrial life.”

“To summarize, I’m an evolutionary agent using electromagnetic energies to broadcast evolutionary signals. The signals are ‘leave the planet’, ‘get smarter’, and ‘learn how to live as long as you want’.”


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  1. SHPONGLE this Friday in Oakland!!!
    Their music is, I think, the very essence of the the “TRIBE”.
    Come one and all and get Shpongled!!!
    Love your work “L” … brilliant.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: … and SHPONGLE is one of my all-time favorites. I’m glad the show will be in Oakland on Friday, they sure do need that good vibe up there right now.]

  2. One demand. Free Christmas. Pay only for transactions after Christmas Day. All old debt is wiped. Do it. Live it. Worldwide.

  3. Space migration better entail a group willing to go up who will never return, if we’re to find a suitable living situation other than Earth… I can’t imagine we’d evolve forward if we are weightless for the next epoch… we could turn grey and get very skinny;-)

  4. Lozo! Fantastic 3 part Series…way to go!

    L-5 society debate …the first one? Since it was now technically possible to start moving into orbit around the Earth. circa 1974 . Since Apollo.
    The L-5 Society was the first group in this Era to promote space movement. Before NASA, the Govt., or The Establishment.

    This section of the NSS website provides free downloads of back issues of the L5 News, the publication of the L5 Society, which merged with the National Space Institute in 1987 to form the National Space Society.

    Timothy Leary debates ! & 2 …
    L5 News, December 1976
    16 pages, 1.5 MB PDF
    Editor: Carolyn Henson

    Space Solar Power – Grumman Aerospace
    Interview with Peter Glaser
    Wireless Power-Transmission Test
    Movement into Space: Interview with Timothy Leary & Robert Frietag

    L5 News, January 1977
    12 pages, 714 kb PDF
    Editor: Carolyn Henson

    An Evoluntionary Imperative? by William J. Sauber
    Movement into Space: Interview with Timothy Leary and Robert Frietag, part 2
    Book Review: The High Frontier by Gerard O’Neill


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