Podcast 284 – “The Revolution Continues” Part 1


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary

Dr. Timothy LearyPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“From my earliest years I wanted to figure out what life was about. I wanted to find out why I was here so that my actions and my desires would have some meaning. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t mainly and centrally a philosopher, because if you aren’t trying to figure that out for yourself you’re borrowing, or begging, or passively taking on someone elses philosophy, and this may lead to situations that are unsatisfactory.”

“A philosopher never gets in trouble if his ideas are not new.”


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  1. Loving the quotes from “Network”, very fitting for this particular time. I am also impressed with the fools from my birth town who understood wisdom when they heard it: first they ask if Dr. Tim is brain damaged and morally inept, then they ride along in the future with Dr. Tim’s verbal vision speculations of what will come as if it will come to pass without question. It is like they approached a criminal alien who not only surprised them with levity but intellectually engaged their own humanity to provide for them a more rational approach and ideology regarding what entails evolution. I also like that Dr. Tim does explain that evolution is an individual process and that all who are inclined should not be hindered. Much the same that it is illegal to fall outside the norm of society, and without doing so one is doomed to remain within that constrictive life-suppress system. The term rational should not be used when describing the ideology of the control culture in the 20th century, unfortunately. As we fly through the beginning of the 21st century, I am wondering how long it will take that control culture to evolve since it is obvious they are still homo-sapien rather than homo-next or homo-divinus.

  2. I would love to see all the quotations from each episodes in one place. Kind of like a “great quotes” page from the Psychedelic Salon.

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