Podcast 276 – “Peter Gorman Interviews Dennis McKenna” Part 1


Guest speakers: Peter Gorman and Dennis McKenna

Lorenzo & Hector GlassPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Dennis McKenna.]

“The idea that you could use these to actually explore other dimensions, real worlds that were outside the cognizance of our ordinary world, is really what I think fascinated me about psychedelics.”

“More than anything else, it [DMT] seemed to be not an experience, not a drug, but a place, an actual other dimension that you were plunged into.”

“In order to understand its limitations, I almost had to become the ‘enemy’. I had to become a scientist in order to understand the limitations of science.”


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Peter Gorman
Writer, Explorer, Naturalist

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  1. I hope to do some pyschedelic work in the future! Thank you dennis, you’ve shown me the importance of an academic background for such things. Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Heyhey Iain!

    I remember our first wild boatride on the amazon… 🙂

    Doing pretty good, trying to surf on the synchronicity wave while travelling. Up and down and up and down it goes…

    Check out my website. If you like this part of the podcast, you will be pretty amazed about what Dennis reveales in part 2!

    Till we meet again…

  3. Hector!

    So there I was, about to click on my bookmark to the psychedelic salon to check if there was a new episode, when for some reason I thought back to the time I was in Peru where I met someone who also was a regular listener of this wonderful podcast. That person’s face was in my mind when I cicked the link, and then lo and behold there he was smiling with his arm around Lorenzo.

    A helluva synchronicity for me.

    Hope you’re doing well Hector.

    Iain, (from Scotland)

  4. Thank you Lorenzo! for a great podcast, and the very heart warming salutation at the end to my country, which touched me deeply.

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