Podcast 250 – “The Magic of Plants (Rites of Spring)” Part 3


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna and Kat Harrison


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“I think our entire culture is headed for being enveloped in a cognitive hallucination where our real wishes will be fulfilled. And that’s why it’s so important to find out what our real wishes are.”

“A delusion of grandeur is when you’re a hell of a lot happier than other people think you should be.”
“The way to relate to the millennium is to make it happen as soon as possible in your life so that you become a spectator to it as a historical phenomenon. Well the way to make it happen in your life is to not transcend desire but to transmute it so that what you really want is what you actually have.”

“We feel the dizyness of the things not said.”
“The great thing about the psychedelics is that they speak for themselves. So they need no priest, no interpreter. They can deliver their message all by themselves.”

“Imagination is the real frontier. This is why the poets and the artists are so important.”

“The interesting thing about outer space, we are not going to go ‘through’ space to other worlds, that will be very incidental to going into space. Going into space means going into space, that space itself is a medium with unique properties for a species such as ourselves.”

“Outer space is very much like what you see when you close your eyes in a dark room. It’s a vast, unfilled void into anything whatsoever can be projected.”

“The hallucinations of the individual are the cultural artifacts of the species five hundred years from now.”

“The alchemical dreams of the 16th century are fully realized in the 20th century, you know, and, of course, it has facets that they never imagined.”

“It is consciousness that is growing and expanding and strengthening itself, and if we take the notion that these psychedelic plants are consciousness-expanding agents (this is what they were originally called, consciousness-expanding drugs) if you that that seriously for a moment how can you not center it in your life? I mean, obviously consciousness is what must be expanded as fast as possible, at all costs, in all times and places, because it is a lack of consciousness that will be toxic to our species and the planet. Consciousness is the saving grace, and so it has to be cultivated by any means available.”

“The thing that really interest me, or draws me back, to the psychedelic experience again and again is the notion that there is something you can learn that would somehow have an impact on society at large.”

“Time is not simply the dimention of duration required for the successive occurrence of occasions. It is rather some kind of conditioned topological manifold. We can think of it as a fluid medium flowing across a surface, a river in other words.”
 “The culmination of man’s god-making effort in time will be the perfection and the release of the human soul. And it’s not that we are ‘doing’ it, you see. It’s that a natural law that we were previously unaware of is inexorably unfolding.”

“The richness of the matrix through which we are moving is incomparable and beautiful.”

“And this is the task of the next hundred or five hundred years, to realize the alchemical nature of humanity and being, and have everything fused into a super numinous concrescence that is time.”


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Psychedelic Information Theory
Shamanism in the Age of Reason

by James Kent

MAPS’ 2010 Los Angeles Conference

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  1. [ From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Munn ]

    Henry Munn is a writer and poet who studied the use of hallucinogenic plants by the Conibo Indians of eastern Peru and also the Mazatec Indians of the mountains of Oaxaca. He made numerous contributions to the field of ethnopoetics, a vaguely defined movement of twentieth century experimental poetry aiming to build upon and preserve the writings and traditions of so-called “deep cultures – those surviving in situ as well as those that had vanished except for transcriptions in books or recordings from earlier decades…”[1]

    Munn’s writings on psychedelics, specifically his widely-read essay “The Mushrooms of Language”,[2] have influenced the prolific proponent of hallucinogens Terence McKenna, as cited in his book Food of the Gods.

  2. Does anyone know who Henry Munn is? Terence mentions a little after 62:00 that he thinks it was a “Henry Munn” who mentioned the Mayan calendar and the solstice 2012 date to him. Any leads would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

  3. identified as having a class 2 mental faculties tumour 12 in the past, gave others till 2004 to reside, no chemo, not any radio, no surgery, only ever been prescribed epilepsy medication but ive smoked cigarettes weed daily for decade of the idea. last amount of time in an ambulance? years ago. any growth about the tumour? NO. THC…………….thats why i actually aint inactive yet

  4. Hello Lorenzo,
    I was just listening to your wrap up of this most recent podcast (I almost turned it off right after McKenna’s beautiful closing statements, but decided to listen on) and was literally just sitting down to email you about the MAPS conference in December when you mentioned it! Too funny – I’v been privy to many such synchronicities while listening to your show.
    I’ve been a die hard McKenna fan for some years since I first heard him in a video while searching the web for articles about shamanism. His words ring with truth and he makes me laugh on such a deep and rich intellectual level. Through your salon I have come to know many other great minds and elders that have been a part of this work and I thank you for that.
    Anyway, I work at the Downtown Independent theater in Los Angeles where the lectures and screening portion of the event will be taking place. I contacted Brian Wallace at MAPS some time ago about doing an event together and am really quite excited about it. There is an amazing line up of speakers and Ive been told we will also be screening a documentary on Sasha Shulgin. Are you planning on attending? I appreciate the work you do and would love to meet you in person.



    PS at first I thought you were kind of dorky, but after listening to other podcasters pander for donations and obstruct their own programming – I’ve come to realize that you have a tact and grace in this craft of digitally preserving oral history that is refreshing. Keep it up!

  5. Paraphrased : ~ “History is a 10,000 year process that monkeys use to figure out to to built habitats with physical materials that which all of the organisms will use to ride waves of the universe.”
    The wave theory suggests that the processes of history are getting shorter.

    ~ 10,000,000,000 Stars
    ~ 1,000,000,000 Life forms
    ~ 100,000,000 years to mammal emergence
    ~ 10,000,000 years to diversification of mammals
    ~ 1,000,000 to human like mammals
    ~ 100,000 years to agriculture
    ~ 10,000 to modern living
    ~ 1000 years to whatever may come (molecular building tools

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