Podcast 249 – “The Magic of Plants (Rites of Spring)” Part 2


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna and Kat Harrison

Lorenzo's vote to legalize cannabisPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“What would you have if you could have anything?”

“I think that life proceeds through time. It’s an effort by organism to map one dimension larger than itself. So it takes a whole life to do it. A life is an effort to map a ‘something’, and the ‘now’ is the moving edge of the mapping process. You cannot map it instantly, or you would be it. And so what being in time is is experiencing the incremental mapping of this higher order object. And that’s why, hopefully, a long life would give wisdom, because a person would begin to get a whole picture.”

“Yes, well I think psilocybin seems to be the great teacher of history. … Because your history gives you the power of your convictions.”

“I think, better we should tend our gardens and form brotherhoods and sisterhoods of affinity and realize that the task of transformation is one of a lifetime, our lifetime.”

“This is the anguish of the ancestors. This is the sacred trust that must not be betrayed. The pogroms, and the invasions, and the atrocities conducted across history can only be, somehow, redeemed if we, who are the living wavefront of this genetic experience do not fumble the ball. All our ancestors are watching to see how we will do.”

“The ‘other’ is just a way of thinking about all of these things that we name spirit, god, demon, void. It’s that there just necessarily is a place off our map. Whenever you have a map it implies the part that is not on the map, and the other, the truly other, lies outside the domain of language. It’s like the unspeakable. All you can do it point at it.”

“That’s the challenge. You see, that’s the weird thing about the psychedelics. It is a path, but in a sense it’s the end of the path. And then what do you do? Now it’s up to you.”

“The way to do things, if you can do anything, is to do them right.”


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  1. Hi Lorenzo, It seems to me that the emphasis should be on REPEAL as opposed to Legalization of Marijuana. Legalization carries with it a myriad of rules which allows for continued government control. Corporations and Lawyers (which you well know) will be the primary beneficiaries.

    • Exactly!
      From its very inception the scheduling/criminalization of cannabis was an unlawful illegal illegitimate assault on human rights and values by evil malfeasant misappropriatory malingerers intending harm on people and society.
      Subsequent Imperial Inquisitioners – purveyors of the WarOnEverything – enemies of freedom- tortured and repressed souls expressing unmitigated rage have raised the bar on the evil intent.
      This vile Act must now be treated at minimum as a fundamental error which must be repealed, rebuked, repudiated, reversed, and redressed with immediate release, with compensation, of all non-violent cannabis “criminals”.
      A proper regimen of cleansing would include the symbolic exhumation of the conspirators at every level who committed and perpetrated and executed this mass-criminality for ritual purging and burning.

      Unfortunately, as is obvious, Amerikkka lacks to moral and ethical integrity to self-correct on any issue and is actively and deliberately resurrecting past wrongs in its violent death-throes.

  2. Audun, there’s often many references I want to look up after listening to/watching something, it’s impossible to remember ever good quote someone ever say’s.

    I’m intrigued as to how you found the transcript of references though?

  3. was just about to ask the tribe for some help to find some of the names and references in this talk, but then…


    hooray! a great transcript of this whole talk (^-^)/

    my chalange was that, since english is not my first language, i was unable to figure out what “dirgeble/dergeble/durgeable etc” meant, and i wanted also to know who this “Cord Dwyane Smith” was, and no sifi-story by any author named something similar appeared to be called “The Srarship”…

    Well thanx to this transcript (hope the link works), i’ve now learned that it is “dirigeble”, and “Cordwainer Smith”, and a further search lead me to the online book “The Best of Cordwainer Smith”, link:


    in which i searched for the words “Mount Vernon” and found that “The Starship” is really “The Burning of the Brain” 😛

    i’m also very excited about: http://mindofmckenna.com/ !

    hope it’s usefull for someone else too:)

  4. Travis,

    Check out the tag “lorenzo” or the very first podcast 001 and 120 titled “psychedelic thinking” and “notes to my self”;respectively. Or check out the Genesis genration, straight out lorenzo’s imagination. peace.

  5. One can only hope you have also found the joys of Fantasy Football.

    Thanks again for the tremendous podcast – your work is an amazing and fun way to reconnect with wonderful messages from other people like yourself dedicate to sharing worthwhile information.

  6. a particularly strange “out there” talk from Terence, but some really great words of wisdom from Lorenzo at the end of the show! i dont know about any other listeners, but i’d love to hear a podcast with just Lorenzo sharing some of his experiences and thoughts..

  7. Great podcast! Thanks, Lorenzo. I had heard this seminar before, but you seem to have material I don’t remember from it. That’s great. 🙂

    And I LOVE the picture of the Prop 19 ballot question!

    Let us PRAY…

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