Podcast 248 – “The Magic of Plants (Rites of Spring)” Part 1


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]
“The Dawning paradigm of post modern consciousness seems to be the growing awareness that we don’t know what is happening at all, that all of the models we have worked out over the past five hundred years or so have now become recursive, and they can no longer be pushed forward as models of explanation. In other words, they are completed.”

“There is not more blood to be squeezed from the stone of science.”

“Having seen the limitations of science, we have discovered we are in a small row boat in a dark ocean, and we are being swept we know not where.”

“Art is the ultimate expression of this transformation of unorganized matter into ideas which human beings carry on.”

“The Growing Transparency, that’s a good idea for what the end of history is. It’s that everything becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. And as it becomes clearer boundaries disintegrate, and everything is seen to be of the same stuff.”

“Life is a hyper dimensional object. All hyper dimensional objects are organisms, whether they be societies or animals.”

“There seems to be an informational ghost of this universe which is somehow co-present at all points within the matrix, perhaps al la Bell’s Theorem or something like that. And that’s what the psychedelic experience shows you. It shows you a hologramatic space of information, where by sitting still in your room and sending your mind you can cross the universe in an instant.”

“I’ve always thought that Christianity, without making any judgment about Christ himself, that Christianity is hands-down the single most reactionary force in human history.”

“I think that we are spiritualizing matter. This is what technology is.”


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  1. pharmacies dont want to cure cancer or many other diseases. they make income using sickness, its an organization, like each and every business! hemp fat doesnt to help you get high them just can help maintain well being. but government entities dont require us to own tools that will help our selves, they have to have us to use them!!please awake people, consider it from virtually all angles.

  2. Science fiction IS a gateway drug , I can attest to that!
    if you are interested in SF you are keen on the way things could be , could have been , or will be , other modes and ideals of life , etc … nothing awakens to these concepts like psychedelics , and nothing provides better building blocks for a psychedelic voyage like a background in SF ideas

  3. I really liked when Terence was breaking down archetypes using Mick Jagger and Henry Kissinger as examples, and how it is possible to create archetypes. Also the earth being split into two separate earths just vibrating at different frequencies seems to be coming up a lot in ascension theories I’ve heard. It is a bit new agey, but I feel there is something to it. Regardless It is very comforting listening to Mckenna describe his visions…Thanks Lorenzo.

  4. Just found your podcast. Fascinating stuff. Can’t wait for the next installment. What a loss for Terence to die so young.

  5. This monologue is incredible. What an intellect! Terrence had one of the most fascinating, encyclopedic minds I’ve ever encountered.
    Thanks for putting this up Lorenzo.

  6. we live in what to us appears to be a one-way linear time dimension. Multiple lines as projected in a plane, a space or higher dimensions, or branching (and perhaps coalescing) lines and curved lines, if any, are out of our ken.

  7. If one is for Proposition 13 and not in favor of the tax aspect, then the Libertarian Party is fills both requirements.

  8. Farthest out, most entertaining Terence ever. And a
    pretty much perfect political rap. I’m sending the link
    to everybody I know. Thanks Lorenzo.



  9. Lorenzo,

    The artful way in which you intertwined audio slices of Bruce Damer and Terence in
    Podcast 246 – “Elves, Egos, and Avatars” was startling and pretty convincing to me that the DMT/Ayahuasca-scape is detailed, duplicable and therefore as concrete a place as the one which we currently toil.
    Can’t say this for sure since, for the record, I haven’t gone there yet.

    Possibly the least startling and most practical part of this podcast was how it suggested a fertile new field of content for you. You put Bruce & Terence in an agreeable kind mind dance, inter-leafing the thoughts of the recently dead with the living. I found this revelatory, entertaining … and a bit ominous.

    So this morning I was listening to a large stash of free online audio narrated by Joy Chan, a live British woman with a crisp beautiful voice. She was reading from a book written by a dead British woman named Evelyn Underhill.

    Underhill left the planet on the eve of WWII, just seven years or so before Terence alighted here.

    In listening to Underhill it became head-thwacking obvious that this woman, while she was alive, had seen the identical “… starships ablaze off the shoulder of Orion”…. that Terence did, which is to say their rarefied insights were weirdly similar in some astonishing detail. Not always, mind you. But a lot. And as far as anyone knows, Evelyn never did hallucinogens.

    Sometimes in “looking for the others” we limit ourselves to our current place & time. A few months back you responded positively to a listener who suggested that non-psychedelic ( non-hallucinogen driven) material be occasionally be included in your podcasts. So I’m thinking if you intertwined excerpts from Terence and from Evelyn, you might achieve a smooth transition and score some new gains for us all on the front of what Terence used to call boundary dissolution.

    Likely no one knows the Terence material better than you. So I’m going to humbly submit online coordinates to the mind of Evelyn, in the hopes that you will hear what I see hear and arrange a hook up on your website. Maybe through your online technical magic, invite Evelyn and Terence to dance for the delight of us dimly understood theoretical beings who ended up populating their future.

    Google search: Librevox Books

    And ask it to cough up: Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness by Evelyn Underhill.

    Don’t let the dry title put you off. So, spark one up and tamp in a little Salvia & Calea Zachatechi for a warm spiritual mellow, kick back and listen as literally as possible. Some of the language is occasionally archaic, but some the ideas are timeless and weirdly Terence-like.

    Best, Bryan M. in Oregon

    P.S. Here’s cut/paste blurb from somewhere about Evelyn:

    Author: Underhill, Evelyn (1875-1941) Description: First published in 1911, Mysticism remains the classic in its field. (This is clear from its many different printings.) The Princeton Theological Review praised this book as ‘brilliantly written [and] illuminated with numerous well-chosen extracts . . . used with exquisite skill.’ Mysticism makes an in-depth and comprehensive exploration of mysticism. Part One examines ‘The Mystic Fact,’ explaining the relation of mysticism to vitalism, to psychology, to theology, to symbolism, and to magic. Part Two, ‘The Mystic Way,’ explores the awakening, purification, and illumination of the self; discusses voices and visions; and delves into manifestations from ecstasy and rapture to the dark night of the soul. It also contains a useful Appendix, which details the ‘mysticism’ of different figures in Western history. A hundred years old or so, Mysticism still remains the key secondary text on mysticism.

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