Podcast 246 – “Elves, Egos, and Avatars”


Guest speakers: Bruce Damer and Terence McKenna


[NOTE: The following quotations are by Bruce Damer.]
“In life if you let yourself be ruled by fear life becomes a fearful experience.”
“If you shake the Earth, all of the loose objects end in the West Coast of North America.”

“There’s nothing useful thinking about the same task fifty times. It’s the ego filling the space according to Tolle.”

“Advertising is heavily ego-driven. … So why do we have them creating our thoughts, creating our vision of ourselves? Why do we nominate them?”


“And also say, look kids, it feels good to be online and be doing fifty texts and having 10,000 Facebook members, but your brain is going to be mush. How do you explain to them let’s tone it down and watch the dosage level of technology.”

“It’s the strength of the survivors that’s always going to get you through. So how do we create a critical mass of people ready for the next phase, ready to build that new Earth?”

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“DMT is not like a psychedelic drug in the sense that you’re getting into the contents of you’re hopes, memories, fears, and dreams. It’s much more like a parallel continuum. It’s much more as though you’ve broken through to some alien data space.”

“One of the most puzzling things about DMT is does not affect your mind. It simply replaces the world one hundred percent with something completely unexpected. But your relationship to that unexpected thing is not one of exaggerated fear, or exaggerated acceptance, as in ‘Oh great. The world has just been replaced by elf machinery.’ Your reaction is exactly what it would be if it happened to you without DMT. You’re appalled.”

“The psychedelic experience, in the best sense of the word, is a religious activity.”


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  1. Half-way through this great podcast . . . savoring it a bit. I just finished both Crescendo episodes, and they were great, too.

    Thanks for introducing me to Damer!

  2. Great podcast. Sorry to hear of your brother. Nice that you are in a position to leave a memory for him. Wonderful music. I got the spirit! You’re a good brother, Lorenzo!

  3. Hey Lorenzo,

    I´m so sorry for your loss! I just want to express my simpathy and give you a felt and warm hug.

    Be well my friend!

    Miguel Fernandes

    PS:I didn´t know that Bruce Damer was such a good speaker!

    Great talk:)

  4. DMT has not been demonstrated to be produced by the pineal gland. I am disappointed that Damer would perpetuate that incorrect fact.

  5. Hey Lorenzo,

    Just heard on your last podcast of your brother’s passing.
    You know we’ve never met, …but I’ve also come to think of you as part of a bigger family.
    Wow. Your brother sounds like an awesome human being, going over to Spain, dedicating a life to maintaining Spain’s islamic heritage in its place, not allowing its language to fade…
    What a great labour. What a great guy. What a great legacy.
    All the very best.
    Lots and lots of love.

  6. Hello Lorenzo,

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your brother’s passing. My brother and I have been listening to your podcast for about half a year now and we both come to think of you as family, so hearing about your brother was really saddening.

    Our best wishes to you.


  7. Any perception that one has achieved something or that one has become a different person upon the death of the ego is an indication that the ego has not really died.

    The Diamond Sutra

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