Podcast 235 – Osmond, Stolaroff, & Hubbard Discuss Psychedelics


Guest speakers: Myron Stolaroff, Humphry Osmond, & Al Hubbard

Podcast235Myron Stolaroff & Al HubbardPROGRAM NOTES:

On October 30, 1964, Dr. Humphry Osmond, Myron Stolaroff, Willis Harman, and Al Hubbard took LSD together. The next day they discussed what was learned. This is a recording of that gathering, and it is the first of the recovered recordings from The Stolaroff Collection, hosted at Erowid.org.

“There’s a central power system, and here’s the source. And the guidance system simply involves getting the person as close as possible to that source. The closer he gets the more aware he is, the more he sees who he is, the more he sees that everything he does is really of his own making and his own creation, and the more he sees his total responsibility. Now it’s inconceivable to me that you could move toward that source without increasing responsibility. And to me, Leary has found a way of moving in that direction but not going toward it, because he’s obviously missed his responsibility level.” -Myron Stolaroff

“From our crowd I think very, very few people get off the beam the way I would consider Leary and Alpert are off the beam, for example.” -Myron Stolaroff

“[We should use these substances] in a way which will not simply allow us to become aware of what any decent mystical saints have been aware of for a long, long time, but to become aware of how to produce a rise in the social level of communication, which will, indeed, transform the species from a biological animal to a communicating animal, which is what Teilhard had in view.” -Humphry Osmond

“[The map of the noosphere] is not to be created by mucking up bits of the Book of the Dead and saying how smart chaps were. This is a fraud.” -Humphry Osmond

“When you most need help is when you least want it.” -Myron Stolaroff

“This is the life that I’ve seen: Live or die. Be intelligent enough to get along. Don’t walk in two places without knowing where you’re going.” -Al Hubbard

“The ten year delay in our work brought about through our struggle with NIH in Washington and through being unable to cope with a large and powerful power-system there has produced, it’s resulted in probably several million people being quite unnecessarily damaged.” -Humphry Osmond (November 1, 1964)

“You have to understand the specific risks that [using psychedelics] involves. Now the specific risk is that every person involved will be altered whether they like it or not. And that the result of this will, in a sense, alter every other relationship they have whether they like it or not.”


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  1. Hey Lorenzo. Thanks for the great work. Been having a lot of fun [and a little fright 🙂 ] listening to your podcasts lately.

    I’m reading a book called LSD and the American Dream and it contains a lot of stories about these guys, so this was pretty fun to hear. The excitement of some of these colossal characters from the fifties and sixties makes for some great story times. You’ve probably read this book judging by your enthusiasm expressed in the intro, but if not that book is surely worth a gander.

    Thanks again

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: At first I didn’t recognize the book you mentioned, but then I remembered that the full title is Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream, and you are right, IMO it is a really great book.]

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