Podcast 234 – “The World Soul”


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake

Lorenzo Hagerty & Bruce DamerPROGRAM NOTES:

“I think that creativity depends on having sufficient indeterminacy around for a new pattern to arise up within it.” Rupert Sheldrake

When asked if he believed in randomness, Terence quickly said, “No,” and then he went on to say, “Randomness is the least likely thing. Nowhere in nature do you encounter it.”

“If there is no randomness in the universe, then what do we mean by chaos?” -Rupert Sheldrake

“Not thinking about the World Soul but the individual soul, that the seizure of DMT is almost like a simulacrum of death itself, and that you seem to see into an ecology of souls.Terence McKenna

“The World Soul, I think, is in communication with us in the culminating moment of human history. This is all being scripted for a purpose and toward an end unglimpsed by us but tied up with the survival of everything.” -Terence McKenna

“Tourism is a kind of secularized form of pilgrimage.” -Rupert Sheldrake

“At the root of many problems is the denial of the problem and the fact that we maintain unconsciousness of the problem.” Ralph Abraham

“I hold monotheism responsible for the mess that we’re in from Abraham right on down to the present moment. I think it is the metaphor which is responsible for the dominator break-out, and that until we get a more polytheistic, nature-oriented conception of reality we will be pretty much under the gun.-Terence McKenna

“For my money, monotheism is the single most reactionary force in all of human history. I don’t even know what is running second.” -Terence McKenna

“Democracy is a step away from anarchy.” -Terence McKenna

“Perhaps to unify consciousness it isn’t a Western hemisphere goddess we need but simply a recognition of Gaia.” -Terence McKenna


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  1. This item and 253 is not available please reupload?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Just now I went to each of those pages, clicked the Play button and they streamed fine. But if you are talking about the YouTube channel I can’t help you, as I have nothing to do with it and have no idea who controls it.]

  2. By the way.. Is the new layout using Gravatar.com Profile pics. I can’t remember uploading that face anywhere else………..

    I’m not using Gravatar actually at all nowadays. It might be associated with my wordpress.com -1st I thought Gravatar was associating with my hotmail-account, which I must have associated again with Gravatar- but as I don’t have Facebook anymore (deleted my account twice) and since it is more than 2 full years, even if I had uploaded this face, its terms of service agreement upon which the account was created makes it impossible to appear anywhere, even though my first Facebook was registered using my hotmail account.

    Well. Anyway. I have a wordpress blog but it’s in finnish. And I just like this new mobile layout. Haven’t took the time to see the internet version just yet….
    And one more thing.. I also listened to the latest podcast “A stiff dose” and I didn’t hear you, Lorenzo commenting on it. I recall 1 comment in which somebody critically stated it was annoying ti hear about the server maintenance owe.or Whatever. So I just wanted to say

    That it’s really ok if you talk about stuff pre and post the casted tape. How do I say that. Feel free to decide yourself. I noticed that the outro on this podcast was short. So there’s a plenty of …what do you call that word??? Multitude. Variance. Sorry but I think that’s a good thing

  3. Hey this podcast was so good. Learning disorder with nowhere to go and no skills in anything -commenting is a hobby of mine. So I can’t say anything good.

    I remember to have seen matrixmasters a first time through a link, which my orgonite and free energy-involvment internet guy, who also wrote slash channeled consciousness (elevation) to the Finnish Hemp-growguide board sometime in 2004 had the intuition to message me and others. Internet was pretty great for me and I used to take some notes or write quotes from Terence McKennas talks.

  4. Bruce Damer! I want that shirt! ha ha… Very interesting podcast, Lorenzo. I am always up for a trialogue.

  5. I was wondering about the sound byte for this podcast:”. . .where people are changing their lives one thought at a time.” The brain is a parallel processor, not a linear machine like a computer. It’s therefore not likely we have one thought at a time. Rather, there is a series of thoughts that occur simultaneously, sometimes along a spectrum. It’s nice to have some type of cute hook for the show but perhaps it should be updated or eschewed for reasons of accuracy, also, one thought at time seems like what a plodding dinosaur would have.

  6. Maybe democracy is not just a step away from anarchy, but it IS actually anarchy. At least in an ‘ideal’ democracy, every single individual rules – which leaves us with so many rulers, that the result is just an anarchistic chaos – a democraZy…Or so. Pura Vida! fox

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