Podcast 232 – “Fisher, Stolaroff, and Al Hubbard”


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Guest speakers: Myron Stolaroff and Gary Fisher

Myron Stolaroff & Gary Fisher at Kathleen Wirt's salonPROGRAM NOTES:

This is a conversation that took place between Myron Stolaroff, Gary Fisher, and a group of friends at the legendary salon that Kathleen hosted on the third Friday of every month in Venice Beach, California.

Myron StolaroffThe talk begins with Myron telling stories about the legendary Al Hubbard, also known as the Johnny Appleseed of LSD.  He then goes on to explain the workings of his research center in Menlo Park, California where they treated over 300 people with LSD in the 1960s in order to help them improve their creativity. He also tells of the historic first trip of Duncan Blewett, which led the Saskatchewan researchers to change the direction of their work.

For his part, Gary Fisher expands on some of the comments we heard in earlier podcasts when he talked about his work with autistic and schizophrenic children who were treated with LSD and other psychedelic medicines.  He also tells of a self-experiment he did to study the effectiveness of LSD in reducing severe pain. Here is a sampling of Gary’s comments that evening:

Gary Fisher” ‘We didn’t have any bad trips because we didn’t know you could have bad trips.’ [quoting Laura Huxley] So all the input we ever had from anybody was how wonderful the [LSD] experience was. So we didn’t have any sense that it was other than positive, and what a blessing that was.”

“How do you tell kids that the government is fucked?”

“When you want people to be just one thing they bite you in the ass.”


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Research Report by Dr. Gary Fisher
An Investigation to Determine Therapeutic Effectiveness of
LSD-25 and Psilocybin on Hospitalized
Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children

HTML Version      PDF version

Audio Discussion with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Grob
“Treating Childhood Schizophrenia with Psychedelics”

Saint Veronica's Veil image used in the Menlo Park experiments

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  1. was deeply touched by Gary Fisher’s tale of the autistic girl who would bestow shakti with her hands to the therapists, in a reversal of roles, would that a skilled writer craft this true tale into a screenplay, it could change the world-consciousness.

  2. Agreed Symbiate and I was deeply touched by the stories of the autistic and schizophrenic children. I literally shake my head with disbelief when I hear stories such as this, where there is so much that can be done to improve peoples lives yet it is swamped by ignorance. As you say though, there is hope for the future! And here’s to another five years of the Psychedelic Salon 😉

  3. Thank you for this wonderful discussion, Lorenzo.
    It saddens me to think that research that could be vital in improving the lives of millions of people on this earth was blocked for 30 years by governments who simply wanted more control over their people.
    At least there is hope for the future.

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