Podcast 227 – Shulgin-Watts: “Sasha at MIT plus Alan Watts”


Guest speakers: Sasha Shulgin and Alan Watts

Sasha Shulgin - Alan WattsPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Sasha Shulgin.]

“So I look upon these materials [psychedelics] as being catalytic, not productive, they do not DO what occurs. The allow YOU to express what is in you that you had not had the ability to get to and express yourself without the help of a material.”

“I find that still the human animal is the only one that is really effective in evaluating and comparing these various psychedelic materials.”

[In testing a new substance] “You go with great caution. Decide what is the amount is that would have no effect and take one thousandths of that amount.”

“How does the mind work? What kind of a probe can you make to look at the function of the mind? To me, it’s going to be a psychedelic material, that has very little action in experimental animals, to look into actions in man that are not seen in experimental animals.”

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Alan Watts.]

“Nature has mercifully arranged the principle of ‘forgettery’ as well as the principle of memory. … And you begin again. You see, it doesn’t matter in what form you begin. Whether you begin again as a human being, or as a fruit fly, butterfly, or a beetle, or a bird, it feels the same way that you feel now. So we’re really all in the same place.”

“So the possibility, even the imagination that there could be such an experience [of the end of the world] in the back of our heads, is the background which gives intensity to the sense that we call feeling good, feeling that it’s all right.”


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  1. djmill12: Shulgin knew what he was talking about – he said three methoxy groups attached on one side of a benzene ring, then was saying (with a little omission) that on the other side of the ring was a carbon-carbon-nitrogen. It makes sense if you see the video and his hand waiving, or just take a quick look at the structure of Mescaline:

  2. Hey Lorenzo, hope you have been well! I am extra glad you shared this Shulgin talk because MIT pulled it. Its also on archive.org for redundancy 🙂 Keep up the great work! ~E

  3. shulgin is a prodigy. however, i am surprised to hear him say a methoxy group is a carbon, carbon, nitrogen. a methoxy grp is actually a methyl group (CH3) bound to an oxygen. no nitrogen involved. in fact, a carbon, carbon, nitrogen would be more like a cyanide, lol….

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