Podcast 214 – “Tim Leary Live in San Francisco 1979″ Part 1


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary

Dr. Timothy LearyPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“For the last four or five thousand years, freedom and intelligence and individualism have been moving in an unbroken chain from East to West. So that here on the banks of the Pacific Ocean we obviously have assembled the most advanced nervous systems on the planet.”

“We all live within the reality bubble that our nervous system projects.”

“Neurology was the real revolution of the Sixties.”

“Your theory of evolution determines, really, what kind of a life you’re gonna lead.”

“The old theory, by old I mean the one they’re still teaching in your colleges, says that new speciation takes tens of millions of years to create a new species. Well if that’s so let’s go back to Quaaludes. Why bother?”

“The Sixties was a genetically designed and programmed paedomorphic revolt against adult authority.”

“I’m sure that most of the people who have felt alienated, I think many of the people who are put in mental hospitals, are simply people who were born with nervous systems that we call futique, as opposed to antique.”

“It’s so simple, that to be in the right place you’re in the right time. Tune the place you are to the vibrations of the brain circuits that you want to activate at the time.”

“Evolution never tries to change grown-ups.”

“We didn’t grow from the apes. We refused to become apes.”

“I urge you, at all costs, to avoid terminal adulthood.”


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  1. The reason TL might come across as sad is because of how much acid he took and how far ahead he was (somehow) able to glance. When you can glance so far ahead with so much conviction, which probably drew from his years of study at Harvard, there can be a sad state I can empathize with…in returning to examine the current state of affairs.

  2. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=1506

    Yeah I would like to hear part 2 – i am nearly through with part 1., Dunno why? But i feel kinda sorry for Tim at this talk. Thanks Lorenzo. 🙂

    Honestly, I think the Leary talks are getting a bit stagnant… I mean, I think it’s important to hear him to understand the history of our movement, but some of his talks, especially the later ones, don’t seem to offer much worthwhile insight. They seem to be more of Tim just being a celebrity and using the same jokes and rehearsed lines over and over. I would say go ahead and post part 2 so we can have it available if people are interested, but keep it coming with the more happening podcasts!

    Thanks for that thoughtful reply, J.P., and you make a valid point. … After a couple of McKenna programs I’ll do part 2 … mainly because I’d like to hear it myself :-).

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