Podcast 212 – “The Genesis Generation”


Guest speaker: Lorenzo

NOTE: This chapter was revised for the paperback edition that was released in February 2015. Please see the Kindle edition for the current version of this chapter.
Lorenzo, Sasha Shulgin, & Bruce DamerPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Lorenzo.]

“Forget getting a permanent job. Forget careers and the quest for financial stability. They are all false gods, sent to you by the Capitalist elite on Wall Street, whose primary goal is to trap you into a life of servitude.”

“You still haven’t figured it out yet, have you?” began Shadow. “It should behoove us all to take the words of the Empire’s leaders at face value. They have declared what they call a War on Drugs. Of course, that’s a lie on its face, because they aren’t putting drugs into prison cages, they’re putting people in them. This is no war on drugs, William, this is a war on consciousness, as Richard Glen Boire says. It’s a war on people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. It is a war on the very people that we are going to need to get us humans out of this mess we’ve created for ourselves. And if this is really a war, as they want to call it, then you and I, young William, you and I are their sworn enemies.”

“We are at what many believe to be the most pivotal moment in human history that we know of. The arrow of unsustainable consumption, powered by the bow of credit, has reached the top of its flight. There is nowhere for that arrow to go now but down, and where it is going to land is anyone’s guess.”

“A thousand years from now, humans will most likely still be walking the Earth, as we have done for over a million years already. Some of those future humans will have genetic links to us. . . . And those people of the future will be alive because they had at least one ancestor, maybe you, who was a part of what their historians will call the Genesis Generation.

“We are raising our children to become serfs!”

“Our families are detaching from the monetary system and applying their energy in different directions, like raising some of their own food, and entertaining ourselves without spending exorbitant amounts of money.”

“Unlike that insidious John Galt, I am advocating that We the People go on strike and remove our minds from their System of servitude. For we are fully aware that it isn’t the handful of CEOs who are the producers. No, in fact, they are the looters now. It is time to keep our best ideas to ourselves, here in our own community.”


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    http://carlsmith.freesitespace.net/music/ar/reviv… appears to be a dead link… maybe the server’s just down temporarily. was it recently a viable link?

    It’s working again, now. I’ve had that problem once or twice, but it always comes back up.

    http://soundcloud.com/kingmob/tracks is another site to find it at.

    outer limits
    finally listened to this… curiously shallow take on the educational system. you made some major points against it that I agree with, but to then write it off as a whole is pretty weak. so honestly now, you really believe that one can learn discipline of hard science around a campfire loaded on E? sure, you might learn cooking, tent building and things like that, but that’s where that ends.
    you really want to receive surgery of ANY kind from some “psychonaut” that dropped out of college because they thought it was breeding them for a life in the “cube farms”? ok, you go right ahead.
    you “tribe” people all out there with your computers and iphones (pretty expensive habit there!) and you going to build those from scratch? no one down the chain need a degree for any of that?
    before making blanket condemnations of ANYTHING, maybe take a step back and notice that what may be bad for you is exactly what someone else needs? get off your fucking high horse once in a while and spend some time with honest to god regular people that have to work through life. It’s people like you and jerks like Pinchbeck that are so wound up in their own psychedelic elitism and entitlement, that it makes me want to throw in the towel. I hate to break it to you, but your “tribe” is a bunch of elitist, spoiled rich people… and I bet you’re all white too.

    Take it easy , outer limits. Non one asked you to do anything different from what you are already doing, and of course you wouldn’t if we did, would you?
    Life really is not about pushing other people around. Maybe yours has too much of people pushing you around. Some of us choose differently. And it is every person’s job to find that freedom. Your quality of life is your problem and no one else’s. No one here is telling you how to live. Go ahead, make your OWN day!!!

    Hey High Horse OuterLimits…if you have nothing constructive to add, take the Hater attitude somewhere else. Are you offering up anything creative? Anything visionary? Anything better? The irony of your blanket condemnation of “the tribe” illustrates your ridiculousness, and it’s embarrassing. Kindly pipe down and evolve.

    Thanks for posting this Lorenzo!

    I really enjoyed this. Two things spring to mind:
    I think it was Dmitri Orlav who pointed out that Revolutions such as the Fall of Communism happen NOT when people are hurt and downtrodden, but when they get a little bit of wealth and freedom after long oppression. As long as we are in an active Recession I think we cannot expect a Revolution, even now that we are relieved of Bush.
    Secondly I wanted to comment on the statement, “we cannot have a clash of civilizations because civilized people do not clash.” While I thought it was briliiantly said, I have a problem with it because I am not always convinced that civilized behavior is a good thing. In some ways I think we need to evolve beyond it, and that the future will, as you implied look more like the past, with relationships becoming more tribal. The root word of civil is city, so what would civility look like without cities?
    The problem with everyone only needing to change himself, is that we end up with individualists who may be too independent and self- sufficient to form any tribal union.
    Anyway, just a few thoughts. Thank you so much for bringing up all these great ideas, Lorenzo.

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