Podcast 210 – “From the Shaman’s Circle to the Ivory Tower”


Guest speakers: Anna Waldstein, Ivan Casselman, and Cameron Adams


Aldous HuxleyThree lecturers are featured in this session from the 3rd International Conference for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (ISSRNC) held at the University of Amsterdam 23-26 July 2009. Their presentation is titled “From the Shaman’s Circle to the Ivory Tower: Progress, Spirituality and Psychedelic Thinking.”

“The suppression of mysticism, psychedelic experience, psychedelic thinking, began roughly two thousand years ago. And you get more intense socio-economic and socio-spiritual hierarchies … until you get to where we are today where there is state control of consciousness as well as state control of production and many other aspects of life.” -Anna Waldstein

“They’re incredibly good at convincing us that we need a new car, and that new shirt, and the toys for our kids, or whatever, but very good at also convincing us that we don’t need this type of thing any more, this psychedelic thinking. But despite the Powers’ attempts to eradicate this, it bubbles up. … The power elite doesn’t want us to think like this because it disengages us from consumerism, it connects us with the environment, and makes us question what’s going on.” -Ivan Casselman

“Whether you are thinking inside or outside the box, you are still letting the box dictate your thoughts, are you not? What you are not acknowledging is the honest fact the box itself is figmentary and illusory . And as long as one continues to act in reaction to this perceived set of dictates one cannot be truly original in thought. So once we are stuck in those grooves, even if we want to walk on top of the groove or the bottom of the groove, its still going down that same path.” -Cameron Adams


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    Erica C
    Continue to share your knowledge with the universe. Use this knowledge to bring about positive humanitarian changes.
    There is a good balance of information between Anna, Ivan and Cameron.

    Well Done!

    Erica C

    Zooming Epoché
    I recently did a research project for an undergrad sociology class that utilized a phenomenology method to explore, examine and compare how psilocybin experiences affects individuals cultural perspectives. Basically I interviewed two friends to discover how psiocybin affected their subjective point of view on their own cultural attitudes/behaviors as well as society at large… I mean The Village.

    Good talk! I will definitely be passing this Podcast on… and around.

    Thanks for the nice comments. Its hearing that people found what I had to say valuable that will keep me going. I will soon have a published article in “Drugs and Alcohol Today” which will basically distil a lot of this into a quick statement for a very straight audience. However, the editor digs it and it is official in the straight world. Nuzzling in there, little by little.

    Thanks guys!

    Oops, I forgot, I’m sure I am not strtching my remit by saying that my comrades feel the same way as I do.

    Hello there! I’m new around here but have been listening to these amazing podcasts for about …(counting on fingers)… 6 months now after finding #104 with Susan Blackmore via her website. I’m currently in the process of preparing an MA (Philosophy of Art and Literature) proposal so hearing this conference has given me a boost of confidence I need, thank you so much for sharing it! Cameron, it’s good to read your comments, at least as far as Kent is concerned 😉

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