Podcast 206 – “Appreciating Imagination” – Part 6


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Your inherited allotment of drug synapses is unique, and this is why some people are sensitive to drugs, some people insensitive, some people extremely sensitive. And one of the things about exploring consciousness with substances is you have to sort of learn what works for you.”

The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley“If I want a more intense drug experience I take more of one drug.”

“Low doses of psychedelics, or moderate doses of psychedelics, transform the quality of thought. You think faster, think deeper, think odder, think broader, but you need more for that to burst through into hallucination.”

Terence McKenna’s ‘Private’ List of Most Influential Books
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss

The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley

“The world is something to look at, and that attitude in the presence of psychedelics will throw open a cornucopia of riches.”

“I don’t know what life is like without cannabis. I hear there is such a thing.”

“The thing about DMT, and we didn’t talk about it much this weekend, is it is an inhabited space. A HUGE percentage of people who take it encounter entities of some sort in there. Not entities like wombats and foxes, but entities with intelligence of some sort, with language of some sort.”

The 500 Hats by Dr. Suess“I think that in service to the principle of parsimony, preferring the simplest explanation, these things [beings encountered in DMT space] must be human souls.

“Now I dare to hope that maybe there is some kind of existence beyond the grave.”

“I’ve looked at the literature of near-death experience. What those people are describing is far more mundane than a DMT trip.”

“I would suggest, with great heat, that if we want to study the near-death and after-death experience, that actually you come far closer to dying, whatever that means, on DMT than you do in drownings and things like that.”

“If you’re living right, your life should get just more and more baroque, beautiful, complicated, mysterious … and then you die.”

“I prefer to think that it [2012] is not a planetary catastrophe, or a mass dying.”

“Perhaps what enlightenment is is it happens to an entire universe when it drops its matter and anti-matter out of its structure, and it becomes entirely made of light. That would certainly fulfill the Novelty Theory [sic].”

“It’s a bit baroque for my taste.” [Speaking about the concept of parallel universes. Of course, Terence never lived to read: April 14, 2003, Scientific American, Parallel Universes
Not just a staple of science fiction, other universes are a direct implication of cosmological observations

“The universe is a series of impediments to the expression of novelty.”


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So You Want to be a Psychedelic Researcher? (PDF)

by R. Andrew Sewell, M.D. • McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

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    I went and hunted down an old original copy of the Art of Seeing after the first time I heard Terence talk about it. Great stuff. I love this series… actually I’m always happy to hear some McKenna! Thanks Lorenzo, I really deeply appreciate what you do

    The Art of Seeing. I see you have joined in on some warty theorems.

    juan von trillion
    This last one of the series is particularly awesome, you are right, Lorenzo. Now, have you looked into the connection between HalfPastHuman (Clif High’s ALTA reports) and the Timewave? The Hive-mind? The AI on the web collective tracing out the future? Absolutely incredible. I know for a fact that if TMK were still around, he’d hang out with Clif High most days. He probably would have had a LOT to do with Clif’s unbelievable web bot technology.

    Here is a most excellent brief overview of what is involved and how it works:


    Do not miss it.

    Lorenzo, and much thanks for putting out these tapes that keep popping up. This one was better than anything the so-called Deep Thinkers come up with. Please promise to podcast whatever comes your way, okay? It is impossible to listen to anybody else after TMK, so please, hurry for the next series.

    Oh well, it’s enough with ONE waking up full-time, right? ;-]

    Juan von Trillion

    E-book version of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. It’s copyright 1938 so I’m pretty sure it’s safe to share. You only got 28 years back then. I Could be wrong.

    I couldn’t find a digital copy of The Art of Seeing.

    juan von trillion
    Look harder next time, Matt, here it is (;-):



    Wait your turn at rapidshare if you are not a member. Re-click and eventually you will be rewarded.

    Hey Matt, thanks for the 500 hats, can I have one now?

    Juan von Trillion

    Cool! Thank you for sharing. I sure can’t afford a 20-30 dollar hard copy from amazon. I’m looking forward to reading it tonight.

    Robin Datta
    A practising psychiatrist mentions new research in the use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental disorders:____http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/…

    El W
    I’m extremely curious to know more about what Terence said re: certain sects of Buddhism believing that if one being can become enlightened, then every living being in the universe also becomes enlightened simultaneously. Does anyone know which he is talking about, or which carry such a belief?

    It was really quite a shock to hear that, as it is a belief that I have always held, entirely outside of any knowledge of Buddhism. I imagined all the ‘great saints’ of all time (Jesus, even the Buddha) somehow merely getting close to this thing, but never 100% there…

    Whatever that means. 🙂

    justin case
    Lorenzo, I sense you sometimes feels pressured to come up with new materials for your fellow tribespersons. Could be totally wrong on that . Being arrogant & lazy I have a suggestion for gobs of new content to nourish the godlet in all us tripping apes. There’s an online app called LibreVox ..a pile of free audio books.
    Anyone can go there and snag a specific audio book titled …Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spritual Consciousness by Evelyn Underwood. If you like McKenna’s precision and breadth , you might enjoy this book. Starts out sounding uber-Catholic, but it branches way out soon enough.
    In listening to this audio book I often experienced pleasant resonances of Terence. And she kacked 50 years before Terence did. Timelessness is a good sign.

    Keep going Lorenzo. We love what you do.

    April 8, 2010: … I just discovered, quite bu accident, that I had never added my introductory remarks to the beginning of this podcast when I was doing my final processing. Interestingly, nobody noticed, or if they did notice, no one told me 🙁 … My face is red. … But I’ve fixed it now. The main thing you missed is my thanking Brett J. and Perry B. for their donations. I’m really sorry about that guys, and I sincerely appreciate your donations.

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