Podcast 201 – “Appreciating Imagination” – Part 1


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“The imagination is actually a kind of window onto realities not present.”

Terence McKenna at Esalen“If the imagination runs riot in the dimension of the mundane it’s paranoia.”

“Art is like the footprint of where the imagination has been.”

“Below the ordinary surface of space and time, ruled by relativistic physics, there is this strange domain of instantaneous connectivity of all matter, of all phenomenon. It raises the possibility then that the imagination is in fact a kind of organ of perception, not an organ of creative unfoldment, but actually an organ of perception. And that what is perceived in the imagination is that which is not local and never can be.”

“Who would have placed their bet on a monkey to be the top carnivore when there were saber toothed cats walking around that weighted 1100 pounds?”

“Imitation is an act of the imagination.”

“What is a city but a complete denial of nature? … Urbanization is the first of these impulses where society leaves nature and enters into its own private Idaho.”

“What this [virtual reality] should tell us, in the domain of light the intractability of matter is overcome. And so we are on the brink of a time, we have arrived, we are at the time where the human imagination now need meet no barriers to its intent. And so we are going to find out who we are. We are going to discover what it means to be human when there is no resistance to human will.”

“Shamanism didn’t use matter to build its realities. It was more sophisticated than that. It directly addressed the capacity of the human mind, in the presence of unusual neurochemicals, to produce unusual phenomenon and unusual sensoria of experience.”

“A true civilization lives in its own imagination and lives through its imagination.”

“We now know from the study of the introduction of media that if a medium of sufficient power and bandwidth is introduced into a population it will abandon all previous forms of media in favor of this.”

“Clearly we [humans] view the language-forming enterprise as a task not yet brought to completion.”

“The only difference between computers and drugs is that one is too large to swallow … and our best people are working on that very problem.”


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    Fantastic episode! Thanks Brian for the talk! Great insights in very slippery matters such as language and imagination. In my top McKenna rap´s.

    I want to thank you deeply for making available to us all these treasures, true oracles, through your podcasts.
    They’ve been as helpful to me as I know they’ve been to many.
    All the love in you!

    idiot le savant
    Good one, keep those TMK podcasts coming, they are fantastic even if they are slightly used. I never liked Leary one bit, and there is apparently nobody with T’s capabilities around, or does someone have an idea?

    Lorenzo, thanks for all the work and keep it up.

    If Terence were still alive, I would ask him to explain how we came up with question marks instead of answer marks. He would proceed to blow our minds.

    I was posting about Winston Churchill’s transfer of control of the jewish slaves hitler used to the zionists who exploit them today in their own homeland, and the lies he told after the war. Then terence comes in and quotes him as saying “The truth is so precious, she must always be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies”, said at the height of the second world war.

    I mean the jews are still slaves (to America… using their guns, tanks. planes on america’s enemies while forced to fight -conscripted at 16- while legitimate american troops may simply volunteer for war) and merck still makes meth (which the jews in hitler’s germany were forced to mine natural resources for until they collapsed.) Except today the concentration camp is named Israel and the drug is called Ritalin. how many things really changed..? 90% of Europe’s Jews were deported at the end of the war by Churchill, just like Hitler did during the war. And now they are still part of a WAR MACHINE. Just the one that won the war. Wake up, eh?

    I believe it was Terence who called that a synchronicity? Thanks Terence!!

    Hearing about all the new McKenna work actually applied goosebumps from feet to head. Reading the quotes on this on part 2, I’m already awed. Thanks so much to all of you, and especially Lorenzo. Where would we be without the matrixmasters 🙂

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