Podcast 199 – “Timothy Leary at MIT – 1967″


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


[NOTE: All quotations are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

BurceDeanShulginHofmann“Religion is supposed to be fun and ecstasy, because it’s all a play of energy that we’re involved in.”

“Now the message I have is an old one, the simplest and most classic message that has ever been passed on in world history. It’s those six words: Drop out, turn on, then come back and tune it in. And then drop out again and turn on and tune it back in. It’s a rhythm.”

“Now how do you turn on? Well, I’ll tell you this, you can’t turn on with words, you can’t turn on with thinking. You can’t think your way out of this sticky black checker board of an American education. And good works won’t do it for you either. You can be as virtuous and as good as you want to, but you’re not going to turn on and get the key to the mystery that way. In order to turn on you’ve got to have what the religious metaphor calls a sacrament.”

“Now with all the Russian roulette games I see around me, including Viet Nam and polluted air, I would say that the Russian roulette of LSD is about the best gamble in the house.”

“The educational system, at the present time in the United States does neurological damage to the nervous system and functions as a narcotic, addictive drug.”

“The educational process is a real dangerous drug. Use it carefully because you’re likely to get hooked.”

“You, the younger generation in particular, have got to drop out, and by drop out I mean all the way. You can’t vote, I urge you not to do politics, don’t picket, don’t get involved in any of these menopausal mind games because it doesn’t make any difference.”


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  1. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=1388

    yes the doctor was a real shocker a tease
    his pronouncements were so incendiary
    almost everything he uttered preached revolution unrest
    the upsetting of the cart
    in that respect he was a jim morrison of the science world

    his mere presence would upset the authorities

    on sight

    2 0r 3 utterences would do it a beautiful thing to watch


    utterances my bad

    I agree Shantiq, Leary was on fire in this talk. His worlds were felt beyond just my ears.

    I think if anyone’s talking to the devil out these two men it would be the MIT professor that is rude & cruel. Leary seems like a saint compared to this rude, sad judgmental man.
    “Bullshit” & “You know that God Damn Well” …..Nice buddy. Way to be on God’s side!? Right! haha
    Another quote from MIT professor:
    “A Study with 5 or 6 people took mushrooms got violently sick the 1st day. They had a hangover for 2 months & could not work.”
    Do I need to say anymore!? BOGUS – This stuff is laughable.
    I’ll have to agree with Lorenzo….Leary definitely had the courage.
    It takes a lot of HEART to NOT act like a devil to a devil.
    Thanks for Smiling Leary.

    “Turn that damn thing off!” – Dr. Letman talking about some one’s music or something. Come on, what a jack!
    “The government has acted in the most immoral way by deeming all drugs across the board illegal.” – I have to agree with this; but Dr. Letman goes on to say he actively rejects the use of marijuana and the “classified drugs” because the laws of the land so they are forbidden. This is contradictory because if the laws of the land are immoral and stupid then practicing those laws is immoral and stupid. I mean, isn’t the definition of insanity to continue doing something over and over while knowing is wrong but not caring?

    Dr. Letman brings attention to a case of psychedelic use wherein the subject takes a few trips in short [days-weeks] succession and then the doctor asks how this person can return to ‘normalcy’. I agree in so much as taking psychedelic medicine should be done so with great diligence, and, taking the same medicine over a short time could result in someone “never coming back”. So, I use the medicines only when needed, which for me is about 2 times per year. I used it more frequently when I was younger and crossed boundaries all the time. It took me a short time to learn that I needed to define a few basic principles to come back to; such as love, wisdom, self-actualization, justice, truth, and compassion.

    Mabybe those physics professors who got sick sauced up to ease their nerves before taking the sacrament. Thbis could lead to a sick trip as alcohol is a bodily waste product ya know.

    About “normalcy,” all drugs simply trigger a homeostatic reaction in your brain, if your brain wasn’t trying to achieve this state, almost any drug in the world would kill us. The fact is our brain operates exactly the way it should operate while on drugs, different things are just happening.

    The music is the Grateful Dead Viola Lee blues which would’ve been a new song at the time. Tim says “Jackie give us a beat!”, perhaps it was his son Jack in the audience playing that radio?

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