Podcast 196 – “Timothy Leary vs. Notre Dame”


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


NOTE: All quotations are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

“Of course, what the politicians debate about is really irrelevant because they’re in basic agreement. They believe in the system. They just want the power to run it. So they give us the illusion about fighting fiercely about words and tactics and promises, but we know, don’t we, that there’s no choice there.”

Timothy Leary“What’s it all about? What’s life all about? Why are we here? To build bigger and bigger machines? To do things faster and faster and think more and more? In fifty years everyone will know what I’m telling you tonight. That the only reason for being here is to get on this glorious adventure of finding the Divine, unraveling the great conscious mystery story. That’s the only point, ecstatic being, that is, get high and stay high.”

“Dope is going to be the religion of the future.”

“You just can’t drop LSD the way you slug a beer. It’s much too intricate”

“Once you start playing around with reality you are never the same.”

“Most of you aren’t ready to take psychedelic drugs now because you haven’t done much work on the yoga of the senses. To put it in a word, most of you are senseless.”

“It may not come as a surprise to an audience of Catholics that the sensory realm has, since the dawn of human history, been recognized as one of the great sacramental approaches to the divine. And any religion that has lasted for any time at all has utilized the sensual experience as a way of turning on the beholder, getting him high, getting him ameliorated to a god-intoxicated state.”

“If you don’t have a sacred place stick to beer.”


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  1. dealing with evil, meditation, prayer, diet, psychological center, body, earth survival, pilgrimage, cyclical events, sex, parenthood, ritual, obedient brotherhood, power, sacred book, drugs.
    This is sixteen, I’m a bit confused, are there twelve or twenty-one? I thought it is 21. Either way, the yogas reflect the spiritual aptitude test. If you are succsessful in the yogas mentioned, you pass the aptitude test, yes?

    Why Leary’s prophecy is accurate:

    any one of us with a a smart phone always has a guru in their pocket. We can master these yogas in our spare time. It may be reading about nutrition at lunch or practicing tantra with a loved one at night.
    Did you know the iphone was released in 2007, 49 years after leary said, “50 years from now”
    with kindle, every sacred book can be your sacred book. With Lorenzo’s service and the internet’s hyperactivity, these teachers are anyone’s at any moment.
    To me, it is clear he is accurate, the average 21st century man can become a master of all these things, without college… unfortunately, now I need an iphone.

  2. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=1369

    I just listed through all the pages, I took me about 4 hours including all the sideways. Thank you very much for everything again, this will take me a few months or years to digest.

    What were the 3 yogas that Leary skipped over? Any ideas?

    In 1968 I was still liquid…hmmm how I wish I have lived there, just for a few months, feeling all the flower power…the music….the medicines together with thousands of friends……

    Great quote by Leary on the politicians!
    As libertarian Glenn Jacobs has said:
    “Government is just a word for some people who claim authority over other people.”

    Just finished listening to this lecture. Is there any more information about Leary’s 12 yogas or the “spiritual aptitude test” mentioned in the podcast? I did a pretty extensive search on the WWW with very little luck.

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