Podcast 194 – “The Future of Higher Intelligence” Part 1


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


This recording was made at a conference held at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1981. Panelists include: Dr. Timothy LearyFrank BaronDr. Andrew Weil,Walter Houston ClarkRobert Anton Wilson, and Paul Krasner

[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“I think it’s all about the brain, or certainly the brain as the key to consciousness and intelligence. The brain, as we well know, is the taboo organ of the 20th century.”

“The introduction of a new technology, a new paradigm, a new world model to a primitive society takes a lot of delicate doing. You can’t spook them too quickly. … You have to attach the new model to some of the old theories.”

“It is now possible to access your brain. It is now possible to activate circuits that were undreamed of before. … There’s no limits to the creativity, and imagination, and novelty, and intelligence that can be generated by this instrument, the brain, whose function we are now realizing is to fabricate reality.”

“The more you understand about the complexities of the brain, and the psychopharmeucedicals which activate it, the more cautious, the more careful, the more experimental, the more scientific you are before you rush around activating this instrument.”

“The function of human life from now on is to learn how to access, to activate, to direct, manage, and control your own brain.”

“It’s not the survival of the fittest. It’s the survival of the people with a sense of humor who can say, ‘Hey, look at those dinosaurs. We won’t go that way.”

“You can only evolve and mutate when you can laugh at your old form and go beyond it.”


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  1. Hey Lozo, I just wanted to correct a small error above. It is stated that this recording was made at UC Santa Barbara. That is incorrect. It was actually made at UC Santa Cruz in Kresge Town Hall. It was likely recorded on July 11, 1981 (but it could possibly have been recorded on July 9 or 10). A transcript of this recording appears in High Times issue #76 (December 1981), related to the conference everyone was speaking at, which was called “Colloquium II: The Future of Consciousness”. And for the fan above from Switzerland, a transcript was also made available in German by the fabulous Werner Pieper, available here: http://www.gruenekraft.com

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    Wow, this is the funniest psychedelic panel discussion I ever heard.
    I am looking forward for the second part, I wonder what R.A.Wilson has to say…
    Thanks and cheers from Switzerland

    One of the best discussions yet! Thanks, I bet part 2 will be even more hilarious when Bob Wilson gets the mic.

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