Podcast 192 – Timothy Leary “Live at the Stone – 1987″


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary

[NOTE: All quotations are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

“So to me, that Summer of Love [1967] was kind of a coming out party, a coming of age party, of the first wave, the first year of the baby boom [when the first boomers turned 21].”

“It’s kind of interesting that the military, and the police, and these bureaucrats, they live in a germ-free society. They live in shells of bureaucratic boot kissing.”

Human Be-In Poster“I’m very much against addicts and drug fuck-ups.”

“At those moments in human history where it’s time for our species to confront a new reality, whether it’s going from four foot to two foot, or it’s to make love face-to-face or whatever, there’s a certain breed of human beings in every gene pool who come along at that time and make us feel comfortable. They explain, they personalize, they popularize what’s really happening. Now you know who these people are. They are the artists, the musicians, the playwrights, the poets, the myth makers, the wizards, the jugglers, the story tellers, the crazed scientist, the mischievous physicist, you know who they are. In every epic of human history these people come along.”

“So finally we catch on, it’s the governments that cause all the fuck-ups.”

“It doesn’t do any good to think for yourself if you don’t know how to think.”

“They say, never mind about politics or economics or religion, it’s language that controls society and that controls the individual. And who controls the language controls everything. … If you control the language, and the technology of the language, you control the mind.”

“The personal computer allows you to do exactly what these French philosophers say we gotta do, control your own screen.”

“The real message I get from the 20th century is learn how to be cyber-hip.”

“Literacy my friends is the oppressive chains of the educated middle class.”


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    Yes, the Seargent Pepper’s album is great! And at that time I was still liquid…. 🙂 (I was born in 1972)
    I hope that they won’t close your facebook-fangroup. But you’re right, that of course could happen, and it’s better to be prepared. I am looking forward for the Oracle gathering podcast. Pura Vida!

    I loved that part about Apple computers and god getting out of his squad car…it was even more hilarious that Leary portrayed god with a southern accent.

    Thought: if the powers at be do not want people using drugs that catalyze creative and unique subjective thoughts then how on earth did the internet ever get going? Where there road blocks that prevented the internet from spawning until it did in the mid 90’s? And what types of resistance to the power elite use today that hinder freedom of thought through the internet? I know these are more of questions than thoughts but any perspective would be appreciated.

    Thanks for choosing this talk Lorenzo! And Thanks for the Genesis Generation too! What a masterpiece. I love it.

    Another Awesome talk. I’m hoping all goes well with Facebook Group, fan page. The Myspace incident really blew me away.

    BTW, Speaking of Gonzo, I think you should share a Hunter S. Thompson talk. Let me know if you need some, I gotta few ;-D

    around the 58th minute he mentioned that hunger for proof and change, for advancement and it seems that it took the democrats 11 years to really break through. he really was ahead.

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