Podcast 188 – “The Ethnobotany of Shamanism” Part 2


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“One of the things that’s so striking about shamanism in the native context is the absence of mental illness.”

“Every step into freedom contains within it the potential for greater bondage.”

Terence McKenna, Finn McKenna, & Bruce Damer“This is what I talked about last night about the archaic revival as the notion of making a sharp left turn away from the momentum that the historical vehicle wants to follow.”

“We now have no choice in the matter of business as usual. There will not, apparently, be business as usual.”

“You either have a plan, or you are a part of somebody else’s plan.”

“The psychedelic sets you at the beginning of the path, and then people do all kinds of things with it.”

“We are reaping the fruits of ten thousand, fifty thousand years of sowing of the fields of mind. And it is being dropped into our laps for us to create human-machine interfacing, control of genetic material, redefinition of social reality, re engineering of languages, revisioning of the planetary ecology, all these things fall upon us.”

“I’m fascinated by hallucinations. I mean, to me that is the sina qua non that you’re getting somewhere.”

“If you actually look at the etymology of the word ‘hallucination’, what it’s come to mean in English is a delusion. But what it really means in the original language is to wander in the mind. That’s the meaning of ‘hallucination’, to wander in the mind.”

“For unknown reasons, there is a tremendous concentration of psychoactive plants on the South American continent. The South American continent has more known hallucinogens than the rest of the planet combined.”

“Patanjali specifically says that there are three paths to the goal of yoga. And they are, control of the breath, control of posture, and light-filled herbs. It says it right there. Stanza 6 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.”


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California Institute of Integral Studies


The Chalice and the Blade

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    Adam L
    You’re right, it’s a wonderful photo. Whatever is fascinating all three of them must be pretty darn neat! 🙂

    The Dusty Samana
    Didn’t Terence cool off the mushroom as ET theory? I think I recall a him in a later talk referring to this period as a “phase”. I interpreted this at the time as a distancing from the idea.

    I’d be very interested in any scientific info on whether spores can indeed “drift in space” and still survive. I’m inclined to think they’d need to be encased within rock to remain viable.



    Having never had the occasion to read the Drug Enforcement Act before (thanks,Txpeloton), I was unaware of how the U.S. government defines “Marihuana”:

    The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not…

    So, doesn’t that mean that Cannabis indica is undefined by the Drug Enforcement Act, and therefore unregulated by that act? Is indica legal under federal law, where sativa is not?

    Could a legal defense be built upon that discrepancy? If so, and given the growing momentum of the “legalize it” movement, will our congresscritters rush to close that loophole?

    Sorry for the redundancy, but I must reiterate;


    …it’s a fresh breeze that blows against the empire…
    Submitted by Smibo on July 6, 2009 – 4:12pm.

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