Podcast 186 – “The Genesis Generation”


Guest speaker: Lorenzo


In today’s program there is no featured guest. Instead, Lorenzo presents the first chapter in his new novel, The Genesis Generation. In it, Lorenzo weaves the tale of a young man caught between two worlds, the world of corporate America and the world of the psychedelic community.

As the story unfolds, we learn of the transformation of a 29 year old “yuppie-geek” into an underground hero of the psychedelic community. The story begins in Palenque, Mexico and moves through Texas, Amsterdam, Viet Nam, and even to Burning Man.

Chapter Titles:
An Awakening in Palenque
Depression in Dallas
Amazement in Amsterdam
Confrontation in Viet Nam
Stranded in San Francisco
Ecstasy in Dallas
Midwest Memories
San Francisco Seminar
Caitlín’s Salon
Rindy’s Place
Burning Man
Weekend with Old Joe
Wizard’s Council
A West Coast Drive
Mountain Farewell
Freedom’s Promise



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    Wow, been waiting a while for this one – thanks for posting Lorenzo!

    i enjoyed installment #1 a good deal. it gave me a far better sense of you and gave a background context i didn’t have before. i was a little surprised to hear things like the patriot act mentioned in a context of early history, previously assuming you were closer to my age (54). i loved the tribe/laura recounting.

    i forwarded the link to tina, editor at the agonist (agonist.org) for her personal perusal. i refer to matrixmasters blog podcasts and posts a great deal all the the time, always have, but none so much as the recent bruce damer (pt2) talk on cognitive dissonance. -after 10 years on Livejournal, i’d noticed my Friends page had grown to a litany of sanity and meds issues and elsewhere noticed it seems everyone is generally exceedingly stressed and challenged and i believe the phrase batshit crazy applies strongly enough to warrant it -pardon my language just the same. that podacst was important to me. so is this one! looking forward to the rest -and buying the book some day. not to mention donating. hey, i’m living paycheck to paycheck…

    Dan. NewZealand
    good job Lorenzo, buying the book as well speak, big hello from the bottom of the world keep it real my fellow Psychonauts.

    Michael Espinosa
    Lorenzo, great job on the audio book. Thanks for sharing with us. As I the story began to unfold I was glad to hear The Lorenzo Origin story. By the way, you had mentioned a few months back that you heard a good blues band on the dopefiend’s podcast. That was me; we did champagne and reefer. I just wanted to thank you for the on air shout out. Being acknowledged by one of your own heroes is such a good feeling. It was so unexpected too, I was working in my cube and listening to my usual lineup of podcasts and then you mentioned my band, it was pretty awesome. Thanks again. I will probably be purchasing your audio book soon, i am a recent casualty of bad economic times.

    Cant wait to hear the rest of it, and congrats on the 4th year (i must say this is the only podcast i’ve continued to listen to since i found it)

    Well, I have to say it was wonderful. At the best parts it was an fun as anything by Paulo Coehlo. There are a couple inconsistencies relative to “spying” being a “spook” that aren’t really clear relative to his company, parts in Vietnam. But these are so minor as not to mess anything up in the overall narrative. The advice peppered throughout was quite beautiful. And having been an anti-Randroid for years, the part on _Atlas Shrugged_ were priceless.

    Lee. Liverpool
    Enjoyed the first installment enough to buy the rest mate, all the best from Liverpool UK.

    Finished the audio book, and I believe it sums up my sentiments very nicely. Defense industry was a nice choice where Will works, and network security is a hot topic for any future we follow. Love story part is true to any life. I did like the R. A. Wilson type conspiracy feel when Will got into the stream of the Tribe and learned more about reality from more sides. Lorenzo must have written fiction before, because it works so well, and flows naturally. I’ll disagree with Dr. Purple in that I believe that there are moles everywhere, for every reason. Nobody is in charge of things, but they might think they are if they have any amplitude of power.
    Faceman @ Feedbackart gives this two thumbs up.

    Hi Lorenzo,

    Just wanted to let you know, I gave you and the salon a little shout-out over on Popdose.com. I do a weekly feature called Test of the Boomerang where I cover a lot of jam bands and neo-psychedlia. I threw in a blurb about your book.



    Not Matt
    Well the official word from Matt is “YES!!!”. Do you have a comment on that Lorenzo?

    LOL. I loved the book man.

    High magic. Thanks Lorenzo.

    The Logos has been insisting this book be written for some time now.
    These ideas had to be gathered in a coherent way and made available.
    The form is a vehicle for the ideas reminiscent of “Mindwalk” or “My Dinner
    with Andre” with the planet as the unitary place of action rather a single
    place on it. This would probably never be published in the traditional way
    but now the meme is out there and these ideas can transform the culture on their own strength.

    just finished listening and now im sad i listened to it too quickly….however it is a book that coud be read and or in this case listened to over and over….thanks so much lorenzo….great work:)

    Brilliant, Lorenzo!
    This is a late posting, but I had to listen to the whole story first… and I strongly recommend everyone to do the same. And just to illustrate one of the points made in this book: as I was listening to the the final chapter, it became very tangible that the Genesis Generation is also the Internet Generation. It is thanks to that wonderful invention, that I could sit here, on the balcony of my flat in a small town in Northern Europe, and suddenly feel connected to the whole psychedelic community. Sharing these ideas is one way of finding the others. And when the final chapter had played, I could only feel there is a new beginning. Pass on the legacy.

    An excellent and engrossing chapter. Looking forward to the next.

    Just listened to the whole book over two days. It was great! What an adventure. I hope some of the deep and detailed discussions that are presented in the book are actually happening around the world. This may be one of the first of a new genre of “fiction” (entheo-fiction)–a kind of fiction filled with truths and facts. Thank you so much, Lorenzo!

    Yeah, I traded the money for this and would have traded more too..A real treasure. I also just finished watching a movie called ‘El Norte’ and it reminded me of the soul sucking system that we can become zombie slaves to if we don’t understand whats going on around us. A special loving thanks to all the elders who have and continue to the dream alive.

    Robert Don Meek Jr
    The Chapter One audio version drones on and on and on and on and on………..

    To each his/her own, granted.

    Not my cup of tea.

    @Robert Don Meek: … that’s why the more expensive MP3 players have an OFF button. You don’t have to listen to something you don’t like “on and on and on”.

    The first chapter was interesting, enlightening and enchanting. Can’t wait to buy the rest of the book! Thanks Lorenzo, for sharing your work, your words and your voice tell the story so well, the pace of the story is perfect.

    if you are interested in organized crime and how it is related to those blood sucking corporate ticks check out this talk at TED


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