Podcast 185 – “Shamanism and the Archaic Revival”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotes below are by Terence McKenna.]

“People without plants are in a state of perpetual neurosis, a state of existential wanting.”

“The numinous depth of the mystery that seems to have called us out of the animal mind is completely impenetrable to modern analysis.”

The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna“And I don’t mean this metaphorically. I want to be taken seriously as proposing that the ennui of modernity is the consequence of a disruptive symbiotic relationship between ourselves and vegetable nature.”

“… of what is essentially a pathological personality pattern. The pattern of the omniscient, omnipresent, all-knowing, wrathful male deity, no one you would invite to your garden party.”

“Technique [in taking entheogens] to me is a kind of a … I’m reluctant to talk about it because it seems so obvious to me what good technique is. I mean, you sit down, you shut up, and you pay attention is basically the good technique. And then the footnotes add; on an empty stomach, in a dark room, feeling comfortable.”

“The situation that we now reside in is not one of seeking the answer, but facing the answer.”

Terence McKenna“I mean, we’re playing with half a deck as long as we tolerate that the Cardinals of government and science should dictate where human curiosity can legitimately send its attention and where it cannot. It’s essentially a preposterous situation. It is essentially a civil rights issue because what we’re talking about here is the repression of a religious sensibility In fact, not a religious sensibility, THE religious sensibility.”

“Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.”

“Think about our dilemma on this planet. If the expansion of consciousness does not loom large in the human future, what kind of future is it going to be?”

“The ‘public’ has no history, has no future, lives in a golden moment created by credit, which binds them ineluctably to a fascist system that is never criticized. This is the ultimate consequence of having broken off this symbiotic relationship with the vegetable, feminine, maternal matrix of the planet.”

“How can we know who is the other until we know who is the self?”


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  1. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=1242

    Dervish Mad Whirler
    Dear Lorenzo, about the ‘useless comments’
    DONT EVER STOP with them. You give a very special personal touch to the salon because of your enthusiasm and human-ness. That’s why we love you!

    Glad to see some Mckenna posted for this very special week. Thanks. . . can’t wait to check out the new audio-book man.

    Lorenzo; don’t even dare to stop your comments! I oftentimes find it one of the highlights of the whole podcast! You could even from time to time bring a ‘special-Lorenzo-podcast’ where you just talk about whatever is on your mind, read emails, muse about the goddess and the world…
    Thanks for all your work you do for the community and I hope some new McKenna-podcasts will soon be discovered and published here.

    Oh, and of course I will buy your audio book!

    Enjoy yourSELF!

    Any of us would be hard pressed to find such an eloquent speaker as Terence was. His mind was phenomenal.

    Some of the things I’ve heard him say make me wish I had said them!


    Terence is a special kind of genius that can never be replaced. However, I am totally for your idea, Lorenzo. It was only 4 days ago that I found the Salon, and I was overjoyed because you managed to get a hold on Terence lectures I had never found. Thank you for that!

    Dude, I really think that this can be a nexus for new material. In fact, 2 days ago, as I listened to a podcast of yours, I was immediately hit by a similar notion. I thought to myself, nah, Lorenzo probably wouldn’t want to hear people like myself. And, Of course, like these other fans, I thought – Don’t stop McKenna!

    But if you REALLY pay attention to Terence on his Psychological Society lecture, then you start to understand something quite important. He doesn’t want us to get stuck and caught in his ideologies of over 15 years ago. Time is speeding up unimaginably, and 2012 is close. We need new thoughts, fresh ideas, and the formation of the community that is not stuck on ideologies, institutional propaganda, and traditional methods of brainwashing. What we need now, is to let McKenna flow through us, in relation to our own ability to spread ideas and integrate all of our understanding in an attempt to unify this new culture and metamorphosize into something truly unique.

    Listening to these lectures over and over, is not a solution. It’s what Terence would call, a form of cultural nostalgia. There’s nothing wrong with reverence, but Terence would clearly be rolling in his grave, so to speak, if we complacently became ‘McKenoians.’ The point of hallucinagetic medicine is not to chew the old and masticate it into a nest of idle thoughts, it’s about exploring the new realms of conceptual undertaking and continuing where he left off.

    Now look, I already know my mission in life to be a Cosmological Synthesizer. It what I was made for. Like Mckenna says, know your role. You can’t drop the ball on this. Every essence of the Universe is counting on it. If we could pull together Historians, Archaeo-astronomers, Artists, Physicists, Sociologists, etc etc etc, then I’m telling you, we could make something. My only talent is synthesis of conceptual material into the highest archetypal forms. Ive realized I can’t do it alone. Not enough time bros. We need specialization, we need fresh ideas, and with sincere humility, I can synthesize and integrate like nobody’s business.

    Lorenzo, a true emergence of cosmogonic theories, must start from the center of reality ‘As it Is.’ And how is it? It is here, right now. Our perceptual cognitive abilities when our minds are not bound and broken to social chains of dogmatic delusion. Let’s keep the complexification going. Let’s follow through with the concrescence of novelty and finish the formation of the world as we believe it to be. The dimensional realms around us are cheering us on and begging us to seize the fuckin’ moment my friends. I hope you agree.

    Everybody, follow your heart. Myself, I’m looking for this Nexus of Novel Emergence and my only ambition, besides my lovely family, is to take from the essence of Terence, and illuminating myself with new formulations of the Cosmological Story. I’d prefer a community to work with, and I’ve been doing my work alone for too long. Screw the alienation procured by the bureaucratic cultural segmentation that our nations suffer from in their delusions that the solutions come from these hypocrites running our system. A new foundation of communal open-mindedness is absolutely necessary. With Mckenna’s foundation, we can build a new world that is transcendent, alternative, original, beneficial, and one that provides the type of authentic experience that celebrates the individual and the community. We do this, and the top of the pyramid will soon reflect what we are. Time to empower ourselves, and really make this push toward the completion of the Human Masterpiece. FAWK!

    I know, I know…Shut up already marZ. Sure fine, no, or maybe not, I don’t know. I’m not sure of the technical details. I was thinking one could always record from skype? Get perhaps a group Skype master account, right? Then have listeners that want to talk to dial in. Then you can moderate it as a round table? Either that, or personal one on one things? Or just accepting people’s audio? Just some ideas. I think this is important. For Real!

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