Podcast 182 – “The Spark of Divine Creativity”


Guest speaker: Missy & Andre Nobels, Mateo Pallamary


Andre & MIssy Nobels and Matt PallamaryMATEO: “Here’s the thing about divine creativity, and that really pegs it because creation is divine, and we are creators. And when we tap into that cosmic oneness and unity, spirit comes through, and we give ourselves up to spirit and allow spirit to move us instead of trying to move spirit.”

MATEO: “So, when you tap into divinity the ego basically disappears, and you’re in the sweet spot, you’re in the zone, and then you’re listening to yourself, and you’re blowing yourself away with what’s coming through, because it’s beyond you. It’s beyond us. It’s spirit talking.”

MATEO: “Time is just a thing that the mind does to try to make sense out of reality.”

MISSY: “I know it’s heart, for me it’s heart, whatever that is. And because the heart’s in the body, if I get in my body I can feel my heart. And I let my heart move my body so that’s my way of finding, or taping into that creative divine, or that spark.”

Missy & Andre NobelsANDRE: “You get to that point where the ego can just rest because you know your body has it, you know your being can take care of the physicality, the mechanics of whatever you’re doing, and then, once I think you can rest in yourself, in that place, then there’s space for that divine to come through.”

ANDRE: “This pocket we’re talking about, this divine spark, it’s not something you can hold onto. The tendency when you fall in love is you want to hold onto that beloved, to grasp and try to posses. And in a sense, what you do is you kill that spark. Especially when you’re doing something delicate and creative, you have to be really in the moment, because the moment you try to hold onto it, it’s gone.”


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  1. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=1188

    Thank you Lorenzo for posting this friends talk, it´s very inspiring and it has great wisdom!
    I can relate, for the most part with everything that was said, but the segment about the dissolvement of the ego it`s the most fascinating to me! When the “divine spark kicks in” :). I have had the same experience a couple of times, and it`s absolutely true, – it is happen through you – and it`s an amazing experience and brings with it a lot of joy, the ego can`t handle that!! It`s to “spiritual” for the mundane/survival mode of existence.
    Your friends have a lot of love inside, and it`s a beautiful thing to see(sorry… hear 🙂 Peace!!

    Miguel Fernandes

    brother b
    I’ve got a huge smile listening to this, ….music will set you free my brothers.
    Hey Andre,
    please come visit us again at 101.7fm next time your in Nanaimo on a Sunday morning.

    Devine spark of creativity is a show of love
    it cannot be held, only experienced, shared and reflected upon.
    Music is the heaven which awakens the heart
    the heart follows and leaves the ego behind.

    Find the song “Hummingbird” by Theo Massop.
    a gift when you do.

    Thank you for sharing this conversation and expression of thoughts and ideas.

    brother b

    This was great to listen to, thanks very much!

    What Mateo was saying about power, and fear=contraction/love=expansion made me think of Jonathan Horwitz’s words (see http://www.shamanism.dk/Article–We-are-all-conne… which I really love:

    The concept of power is very central to shamanism. I spend a lot of time thinking about this one word ”power”. A lot of people are afraid of this word because their power has been taken away from them, and they experience themselves as powerless. When they think of power, people tend to think of armies, of strong men who beat up women and children who are physically weaker; they think of the power of money which they may not have. On the other hand there are other kinds of power: in Danish and German there are two words for power. One is Macht which closely translates to ”might”, and the other is Kraft which translates more as ”energy”.
    I think this distinction is very important. ”Might” is used to control, whereas energy is used to lift up or to illuminate. Only this morning I realized that the spiritual root of ”might” is fear. When people are afraid, they need to control; the best way to control is to take away other people’s power, and the power that they often take away is people’s energy, be it their physical or their spiritual energy. The spiritual root of ”energy” however is probably love. When you look at the entire universe it is filled with power, but for me this power, way out to the very edges of the universe, if there are any edges, is energy.

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