Podcast 172 – “The State of LSD in 2003″


Guest speakers: Earth & Fire Erowid, Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof, Nick Sand, and Dave Nichols

LSD Elder's Panel - Mind States 2003PROGRAM NOTES:

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LSD and Drug Testing
LSD FAQ Part 1
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“I believe it’s true to say that everyone who has experienced LSD or another psychedelic would look on that experience, especially the first one, as a major life-changing event.” –Ralph Metzner

“The introduction of LSD and psychedelics into the culture produced a transformation of the entire culture, the consciousness of the culture.” –Ralph Metzner

“The first note in that octave [of our cultural transformation], the do, was the discovery of LSD by Albert Hofmann in 1943.” –Ralph Metzner

“Just as Hitler used the Reichstag burning, the U.S. government now uses the so-called two wars, the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, to fuel fear in the population and establish a police security state.” –Ralph Metzner

“It [the prohibition of psychedelics] puts the industrial civilization in a very unique position. It’s just about the only society in the whole history of humanity that doesn’t have any use for non-ordinary states of consciousness.” –Stanislav Grof

“We have to recognize that spirituality is a legitimate dimention in the psyche. It’s a legitimate dimention in the universal scheme of things. It doesn’t mean that you are superstitious, that you are in to magical, primitive thinking, if you take spirituality seriously.” –Stanislav Grof


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  1. Great show. Stan’s remarks were so valuable in context to psychedelics & social to therapeutic change. Now whether or not these subs that just switch on the TV it’s clear to me that one isolated in a controlling environment can be programmed in almost any good or bad way under unethical situations…
    However, looking again at the tendency for change of consciousness that pertains to: love, life’s profundity, self discovery, healing, concerns of war, ethics, the environment, sense of oneness, the lack of meaning in only a 9/5 world, these came out in the 60s/70s with very little Shamanic knowing or guidance.

    This indicates that despite their potentials of poorly designed uses, they seem to by nature tend to direct one towards more often is a pro Gaian, humanity’s better nature & the setting of goals to improve oneself in the light of truth.

    As far as plant psychedelics & the sense of Morphic Resonance I wonder what this means to lab subs. But without question, LSD, MDMA have incredible potential & value: MDMA especially so in treating PTSD, depressive & like issues as a psychedelic empathegen. Psilocybin also has a great potential for depressive disorders, & all show signs of the most effective medicinal use, likewise as Peyote (mescalito) & Ayahuasca to Iboga are each suited to these uses when in the right context. Since this show aired research has made this so very clear, as we look forward to Phase 3 studies of MDMA this year (2017).

    Safe journeys…

  2. A particularly interesting podcast. Especially what Stanislav Grof says about modern western psychology and psychiatry being seriously biased in ethnocentric and cognitive ways can not be stressed enough. Thank you for the podcasts, they are much appreciated.

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