Podcast 170 – “How the Web Looked Back in 1994″


Guest speakers: Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna, and Rupert Sheldrake


All of the following quotations are from a private trialogue held at Terence McKenna’s me in Hawaii sometime in 1994.

“I believe that the World Wide Web is, as a matter of fact, the noogenesis of the noosphere of the future. This is it!” –Ralph Abraham

“Notice that throughout history the most oppressed group has not been the Jews, the Irish, the blacks, they’ve taken their hits, but the most consistently oppressed group of people throughout human history have been smart people. And now comes a tool for smart people [the Internet] utterly incomprehensible to dullards, that is essentially the equivalent of the hydrogen bomb.” –Terence McKenna

“Chaotic as the Web is, what it is is a controlled psychedelic experience spreading through the populace at the highest levels of intelligentsia.” –Terence McKenna

“What it [the Internet] will be in the future will depend on what kind of people with whatever motives would actually go there.” –Ralph Abraham

“I think it’s [the Internet] built into the evolutionary morphogenetic unfolding of the cosmos in that it could no more be stopped than mitocondria or societal organization.”–Terence McKenna

“I think it [the Internet] will supersede us. I don’t know how much monkey meat will be connected to the World Wide Web when the Web is complete. It may shed the monkey meat.”–Terence McKenna

“The population explosion could end, let’s say, because of the World Wide Web. This is my greatest dream.” –Ralph Abraham

“Nature is a world wide web. That was the first world wide web.” –Terence McKenna


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“The World Wide Web and the Millennium” a conversation between Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham (August 1998)

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    Just got around to checking this out and was very amused.. we all seem to forget too easily that the web and computers were things only scientists used a generation ago.. even in 1994 these progressive thinking individuals can’t seem to quite wrap their heads around the full potential of the internet communications revolution. I suppose though if you define a “psychedelic” as mind made manifest then the internet is about as psychedelic as things get.

    god’s peace

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