Podcast 166 – “Psychedelic Dreams”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations below are by Terence Kenna.]

Terence McKenna at his home in Hawaii, Spring 1999“The good. What is it? Tricky, tricky, tricky. The true. What is it? Trickier, even trickier. The beautiful. What is it? Easy to discern. The beautiful is easy to discern. You are going to be condemned to live out the consequences of your taste.”

“Beauty is downloaded into the human cultural milieu largely through dreams.”

“On a planet where hundreds of millions of people are starving, the obligation upon the conscious people near the control surfaces, near the levers of the human machine is immense.”

“When I say psychedelic I have something very specific in mind that a substance or a plant should do. It should not inhibit clarity, in other words not episodes of forgetfulness, lack of memory, passing out or confusion. It shouldn’t interfere with that, and it should transform thought. And it should be accompanied by visual hallucinations with eyes closed.”

“The biggest danger with psychedelics is that while you are in that open state some moron will mess with you.”

“Matter is not lacking in magic. Matter is magic.”

“At bedrock, the universe is more like a DMT flash than it is like an 18th century garden party, as we were previously assured by the practitioners of science.”

“An incredible ability to not register radical change seems to be a precondition of existing in the presence of radical change.”

“But if I’m right, that the universe has an appetite for novelty, then we are the apple of its eye. … You are the cutting edge of a thirteen billion year old process of defining novelty. Your acts matter. Your thoughts matter. Your purpose, to add to the complexity. Your enemy, disorder, entropy, stupidity, and tastelessness.”

“The psychedelic community is cleverly invisible. Because our choices in gender expression, fashion, and so on have, by crypto-osmosis, come to dominate the values of the culture, we can no longer tell ourselves from straight people.”

“Basically, when you smoke DMT what happens is pure confoundment.”

“DMT does not provide ‘an’ experience which you analyze. Nothing so tidy goes on. The syntactical machinery of description undergoes some kind of hyperdimensional inflation, instantly. And then you cannot tell yourself what it is that you understand. In other words, what DMT does can’t be downloaded into as low dimensional a language as English.”

“One toke [of DMT] away is this absolutely reality-dissolving, catagory-reconstructing, mind-boggling possibility. And I feel like this is a truth that has to be told.”


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