Podcast 159 – “Shulgin & Forte at Horizons 2008″


Guest speakers: Robert Forte, Ann Shulgin, Sasha Shulgin


Sasha and Ann Shulgin“I think it’s extraordinarily important, again, the context of set and setting that we use these drugs in, if we’re going to succeed in the Psychedelic Renaissance, is something that needs to be underlined again and again.” –Robert Forte

“I would say that, arguably, the oldest use of psychedelics in our Western culture, let’s say, is the Eleusinian Mysteries, which were a psychedelic drug ceremony that occurred every year for 2,000 years in ancient Greece.” –Robert Forte

“Using appropriate scientific methodologies and naturalistic observations, [Timothy Leary] showed that psychedelic drugs were safe. He showed their clinical effectiveness. He showed their effects on enhancing creativity.” –Robert Forte

“Personally, I think my most keen friend amongst the various phenethylamines and alkaloids I’ve worked with and synthesized has been 2CB. To me, it’s a vary favorable, warm, and very comfortable compound.” –Sasha Shulgin

[MDMA] is the most remarkable insight drug, and is a suburb tool for psychotherapy.” –Ann Shulgin

“Any drug, including MDMA, the most it can do is open up what’s inside you already.” –Ann Shulgin

“When I have not had a good psychedelic trip for, let’s say, six months, I begin to feel that I’m beginning to get out of balance. … I think that instead of regarding psychedelics as a drain on the system, frankly, they are my favorite vitamin. That’s the effect they have on me.” –Ann Shulgin

“And for all I know there are three, or four, or seven lives going on that I don’t remember either awake or asleep, but I feel consciousness is my living relationship with the world.” –Sasha Shulgin

“My belief is that when you get involved in a psychedelic experience you are in a communication with part of yourself that you’ve given up trying to communicate with or forgotten about communicating with. So it’s not something that’s imposed by a drug. It’s something [that is already there and] the drug allows you to experience and to function with. So I look upon it as being a revealing thing from within myself, rather than a thing imposed upon myself by an external drug.” –Sasha Shulgin


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Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics
(2008 Conference)

Horizons Conference audio online
at the Internet Archive

The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics

“Ghosts I” from Nine Inch Nails

The first 9 tracks from the Ghosts I-IV collection available as high-quality, DRM-free MP3s, including the complete PDF.

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    Thanks for posting these talks! I was at the conference. It was my first of the kind. It was amazing to see the Shulgins and the Greys in person. The Greys did an impeccable presentation complete with slide show. There’s nothing like being in the company of so many psychedelic purists and psychedelic curious people. The organizers also mentioned there would be some video available online soon.

    Things will get better before they get better.

    Something new and better evolved with #159. Either Lorenzo evolved, or I did. This one had a friendly community feeling, I guess. Liked it. More voices and Lorenzo’s reading of e-mails was just nice. That’s all. Was probably more work for you, but thanks.

    While this was otherwise a good listen, I got pretty irritated to hear Forte proclaim that he was absolutely sure that “Arabs didn’t attack the WTC” and then mentioned that thousands of scientists agree with him.

    the 9/11 “truthers” have been humiliated and sent packing in every public exchange, by every objective measure.

    By all standards of evidence, they are grasping at straws with their fallacious wishful thinking.

    Keep pumping out the shows, Lorenzo.

    They are greatly appreciated

    Hey Cashout, Sorry you are irritated. How about you and I have a public exchange here. Why do you perpetuate falsehoods?

    I don’t know what or who you mean by “9/11 truthers have been sent packing.” in every case i know it is the opposite.

    there is no informed opposition to the claims of the Truth Movement: this crime has not been adequately investigated. the criminals are still at large. the story the bush administration tell us is impossible.

    The topic is centrally related to psychedelics and society in that the psychedelic movement is or was meant to be a peace movement, an awakening of consciousness. What is your evidence that the the official story is true? “By objective measure.”

    What a joke

    Who are you reading? Popular Mechanics?

    Robert Forte


    Thank you for mentioning the Horizons Conference in a podcast a few episodes back. As soon as I heard it i set my heart on being in attendance, and so it was. It was a wonderful and useful experience and I got a chance to find some of the others.

    There were many excellent talks that weekend but Robert’s was one of the best. I wish he could have been given a longer timeframe. Anyhow, excellent choice on the first podcast from that event!

    Below is a link to pics from that weekend, including The Judson Memorial Church where it was held and Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.



    Awhile back in your first Nick Sand podcast you said you were going to do an interview with him “soon”. That was ages ago, and I am awaiting that interview! C’mon Lorenzo I need some wisdom from the Sandman!

    Yes, I’ve yet to hear a credible defense of the fall of Building 7 or the huge payoff to the owner fo the buildings or to the huge benefit that went to the national-security-prison-industrial state. Moreover, given that Osama Bin Laden was our CIA operative in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, the official explanation makes little or no sense. Further, how many kidney dialysis machines are there in he world? And how many could operate remotely without the power source giving off a thermal signature?

    The videos also seem convincingly to show a staged demolition. Compare all car bombing and other explosions of buildings to the damage we saw to the twin towers. Never have we seen a building drop straight like that. Of course, I heard the cool conspiracy on the second to last BLINTA podcast that they were pre-constructed for demolition; even so, the insurance payoff sure seems a better motive that caring that much about U.S. troops on Saudi soil or our occupation of Palestine. Of course, it is curious that 9/11/1922 was the the date of the British Mandate that officially stole occupied Palestine from its inhabitants.

    re: “C’mon Lorenzo I need some wisdom from the Sandman!”

    Thanks for reminding me. I just copied your comment and sent it to Nick with a request to set up an interview the next time he’s around. . . . Thanks again, I’d forgotten 🙁

    tom caulder
    Lorenzo you are doing great work. The only thing you did not put into program notes was info about the music at the end of the show. It was great and shows lots of promise. I live next to MichSU. The student radio station would probably love to play some of Waking Sleep but I can’t figure out how to reach him or who.

    Tom … I just added the link above. The music was from the first nine tracks of “Ghosts I” by Nine Inch Nails, who very kindly posted those tracks to the Net with a Creative Commons license allowing us to use them without worrying about copyright infringement. … BRAVO! to Nine Inch Nails, you rock!

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