Podcast 155 – “Some Thoughts About Change (1945-1985)”


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


[NOTE: All quotations below are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

Timothy Leary“As you well-know, I never wanted any credibility. I’m more concerned with incredibility.”

“I believe in change. I’m a change agent. I want to keep changing myself. … Change is going to be the norm from now on, and we’re not changing from A to B, we’re changing in an explosive, multi-directional way.”

“Yeah, there are forces which slow down change. Certainly, you are aware of the fact that every educational institution, from first grade up to the high altitude of The College of Marin, every institution that’s supported by taxpayers and administered by politicians is carefully designed to keep young people serenely and productively stupid.”

“It’s necessary to have the conservatives, but it’s also necessary to have the mutants, the migrants, and the people with new ideas.”

The Emperor Wears No Clothes“It’s always the intelligent that move. It’s always the intelligent that migrate, because it’s simply smarter to move out than to stay back in the village and quarrel over cobblestone streets and neighborhood territory. Quarreling over territory is lower mammalian and lower primate [behavior], and it’s the smart, the evolutionary people who always move out.”

“Now they say that there was a counter-culture [in the Sixties]. There was no counter culture. This was a left-wing, partisan statement. There were 100 counter-cultures. There were as many counter-cultures as there were groups of friends and lovers meeting together to look into each others’ eyes and smile. That’s the point of the Sixties, there was not one orthodoxy being replaced by another orthodoxy. … You make your own world. Don’t blame your parents and don’t blame society. Figure it out for yourself.”

“You would not have had the drug culture movement of the Sixties if you did not have the do-it-yourself psychology movement of the Fifties.”


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The Coalessence Festival

(October 3, 4, 5, 2008)

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana

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    I found particularly intriguing what Leary found out about the west-ward movement of intelligence.

    Now, when it had arrived in California, it has nowhere anymore to go.

    I don’t quite agree….Isn’t this the right moment now when intelligence for the first time now really confronts the ‘traditional stupidity’ instead of ‘fleeing cowardly to some other place’!?

    The time has come now that we stand up for ourselves!

    WE must be the change we want to see in the world….no more searching for a better place to live. Let’s make THIS place the best possible!!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your comments on Bill Clinton’s chasing of female teenagers around the oval office…


    Pura Vida to the psychedelic community!



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