Podcast 154 – “Mind States 2003 LSD Panel”


Guest speakers: Nick Sand and Myron Stolaroff


[The following quotations are by Nick Sand.]

Lorenzo with Usha and Nick Sand“This process of sharing through language our inherited ability to manipulate first stone tools, then concepts and symbols through language and printing, and then moving into the networking of electronic and virtually instantaneous world wide communication, are three quantum leaps of exponential increase in consciousness.”

“The continuity of these constructs through which we perceive the world is what we call tradition.”

“This leap across the gap into the unknown is unavoidable but it must be made. We have no choice. As we are moved to higher levels of evolution change will occur. The constructs and veils of our collective consciousness have to give way.”

“Purity of intention and purity of product go hand-in-hand to produce a transcendent trip.”

“For the chemist also, the mere intention toward purity is transformative. A path unto itself. This is Alchemy!”

“It is time to become conscious, and existence has given us this valuable tool, LSD, to start this process. I pray that we have the time and courage to make this next leap in evolution. I believe that LSD is one of the gifts given to us by Spirit to do this.”Lorenzo with Usha & Nick Sand

“I think that the psychedelics are the midwives of change. They help the change occur.”

[The following quotations are by Myron Stolaroff.]

“Having been working with this for a number of years, and observing a lot of experiences, I’m convinced that what LSD does is simply to open the door to your unconscious.”

“As one who has abused LSD by trying to overcome difficulties with repeated experiences, I have found that a good meditation practice is an excellent way to keep the gains from experiences alive. … Deepening meditation practice deepens your LSD experience, and having more profound LSD experiences yields instant gains in deepening meditation practice.”

“When we use LSD appropriately, it can provide a direct, crystal-clear path to the height of spiritual ecstasy. It can provide the direct experience of the godhead, and our government makes this valuable tool illegal.”


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Hofmann’s Potion – Video Documentary Part 1 of 6


The Discovery of Love: A Psychedelic Experience with LSD-25
by Malden Grange Bishop
(Dodd, Mead & Company: New York, 1963)

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    These two talks are incredible. Both are courageous enough to talk about the “hows” of the psychedelic experience. I want to hear more from people who are bold enough to explore the question “How do we use psychedelics better?”

    Both Myron and Nick Sand are clear in their deliveries. I love the tangents McKenna and Leary go on but it’s nice to hear a pointed delivery like these from time to time.

    Are there anymore Nick Sand or Myron Stolaroff talks out there?

    Here is a list of some talks and interviews by Myron:http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/?cat=69

    And here is a link to some of Nick’s talks:http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/?cat=63

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