Podcast 153 – “Consciousness Change and the 8-Circuit Model”


Guest speaker: Robert Anton Wilson


[NOTE: All quotations below are by Robert Anton Wilson.]

“Every evaluation is an evaluation of the organism as a whole, because the nervous system interlocks with the immunological system, and the endocrine system, and the neuro-muscular system and so on. So every evaluation you make is an evaluation of your whole body, and separating it into mind and body is a fictitious dichotomy. It’s a synergistic process.”

Robert Anton Wilson on the cover of Time Magazine“What the front brain knows does not control you at all. It just thinks it does.”

“The idea of reality as a singular noun doesn’t make any sense to me at all any more.”

“Everybody has their own neurological reality-tunnel, which is why we misunderstand one another so often, and why we misjudge one another so profoundly.”

“I don’t think there’s a single drug, psychedelic, antibiotic, aspirin, or anything you can name that has the same effect on two people. People have to find out for themselves which drugs are safe for them.”

“Among the drugs that are currently controversial, that is to say illegal, I would say marijuana is the safest.”

“I think the dangers of LSD have been overstated to an incredible extent.”

“Most problems exist because the verbal form you put them in creates the problem.”

“So what you experience tomorrow, if it entirely fits your beliefs today, it’s because you’re not paying attention.”

“Every child is intensely curious until they get to school, and the function of school is to kill the curiosity by telling them there is one correct answer, and we know it already, and don’t do any thinking of your own.”


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    Looks like it’ll be good! I haven’t listened to it yet, but I think I have it somewhere as part of a series…Anyway, I’m up for a litte deja vu.

    RAW is always a pleasure to listen to, even if the topic isn’t the most interesting, which I can’t say about this! RAW was awesome simply for elaborating Leary’s 8Cicuit model more than Leary himself. I was listening to the Future Primitive podcast and there is an interview with Antero Ali, and he said that Leary was known as “Theory Leary” back in his Harvard days, so it’s actually blessing that RAW did work on this!

    I do think that RAW is right up there with McKenna as far a speaking goes, same with Leary. McKenna is top dog for me though, no one can just put me out there like he does, but to say RAW and Leary are close runnersup is no small statement! Bunch of bad-a@%$& they all are!

    Anyway, thanks for the plug Lorenzo!(Black Light in the Attic) While it’s true, at the time of this podcast we’re actually only 8 shows in, but we’ll have the 10th out in just two weeks so. . .we’re getting there! We’re still getting the hang of things for sure, and who knows how the show will evolve over time. We still have some more Maybe Logic Exercises left to air, so keep an ear out for those, because who doesn’t want to not only HEAR their heroes speak, but also THINK a bit like them as well! Or rather, I should say, have a similar basis for some perceptions as the big boys. . .

    Keep the spaghetti flying!

    Great talk as usual Lorenzo.

    About the “why am I here?” exercise RAW mentioned- It sounds like something Allen Ginsberg did in his poem “Why I meditate”. You can listen to it being read by Anne Waldman and someone else here: http://www.splab.org/poet_mp3_listing.html


    I want to send a big thanks to Robert Anton Wilson, Lorenzo, and all the help that went into making this recording reach my ears. I was initially hesitant to listen as I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories which I have initially associated RAW with. This podcast was filled with the insights and fluency which makes a meal for the mind. Thanks!

    Great talk! I’ve heard RAW describe the 8-Model circuit in several lectures in the past, but this talk was Wilson in top form.

    I wish he’d had time to go on to explaning the higher circuits (I always confuse them past #4 and 5), since did so well keeping the explanations so succinct on the first several, but this was really a lot of fun to listen to.

    Thanks Lorenzo.

    For anyone who’s interested in learning more about the 8-circuit model’s origins, I highly recommend reading In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky.

    Also check out Antero Ali’s book Angel Tech for a contemporary outlook into the 8-circuit model. Sometimes Antero teaches online courses at Maybe Logic Academy: http://www.maybelogic.org/

    This came right in time for me. I’m reading RAW’s Prometheus Rising these days and this is a great reading supplement.

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