Podcast 152 – “Question Authority and Think for Yourself”


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


[NOTE: All quotations below are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

“When I say think for yourself, I don’t mean think selfishly for yourself. I mean think independently.”

“If you’re going to think for yourself, you gotta learn to think clearly.”

Ape To Angel by Leo Plaw“The person who thinks for herself or himself has to have a sense of humility, and of modesty, and of relativity because you have to realize that I’m thinking for myself, but hopefully you are too, and you’re bound to come out with something a little different from me. So there has to be an ability to listen, compassion, plus the modesty. No matter how smart we are there’s a lot we aren’t going to be able to figure out tonight.”

“I’m glad we’re laughing together because that’s a key. A sense of humor is the key. … That ability to laugh together certainly goes along with the ability to think together.”

“Any time you introduce a new technology of thought processing, or of thought communication, you change everything else.”

[Speaking about the biblical Eve] “I’m really pleased that the first member of my species was a woman who had the courage to stand up on her feet and think for herself.”

“The idea that any human being should be forced by economics, forced to do work that can be done better by a machine or a computer is totally humiliating to any concept of our human dignity and worth.”

“Now in the Industrial Age, a good person was someone who was prompt, reliable, dependable, productive, efficient, and replaceable.”

“It’s always the artists, by the way, I think. The artists, and the entertainers, and the writers, and the musicians whose job it is to prepare society, to become a comfortable way for changes that otherwise would be too frightening.”

“The point of the 20th century, you can argue, is to get us to accept knowledge, processing, and reality on screens.”

“To me, a computer is a thought processor.”


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    Happy birthday Lorenzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank your parents for making you too!

    Just got to the end of the podcast. Thanks for sharing my notes from the Salvia interview. I will be sure to share links to the article when / if it is published. Thanks again!

    I think this is a poor interview. The questions are too vague. It doesn’t do justice to the intellect that Tim showed during his lifetime.

    But thanks for it anyway.

    HAPY BIRTHDAY Lorenzo. Thanks for so much wonderful mind food.

    I have to say- I was annoyed by the way Timothy L. kissed the asses of the conservatives in the audience. He seemed to be back peddling and apologetic (like when he says “question authority”). Well- I remember those days- I- like you- was an arch conservative republican teen in those days who voted for Reagan. With age comes wisdom.

    Oh- and BTW – thanks SO MUCH for mentioned my movie in a recent podcast. I will send you a screener soon.

    Happy birthday, Lorenzo.

    Not surprized to hear that people dont resonate with Terence; he was talking the truth too much. People try to science down the truth from a viewpoint that what we have here in society is in any way not faulty and that we must work with what we got. Which would be prudent, were it not for the fact that we are on the brink of a total planetary ecological disaster, and the human race is at risk of extinction. So to use the tools of this demise is to ofcourse be finite.

    I imagine as we go on in time, the resistance to Terence will grow and, in light of the drop into fascism of the world at large, people will be more inclined to return to closed thinking and try to bring the use of psychedelics to the medical realm, to use psychedelics to bind the people to the status quo. To again bring the use of drugs to the elite of medical establishment, which plays the tune of the Powers That Be.

    Idiotic theorists like Freud, eugenicists and well, basically, Neo-cons, prefer the people to be standardized, controllable and brought back to that level of understanding we call sheeple-awareness.

    Accepting a form of society that in the long run will leave us on a planet full of outwardly beautiful leaders and genetically al;tered workforces, with on the underside the diseased masses who have to live with the pollution the elite will rain down upon us.

    The skies will be darkened and the rainforests gone, the only way to have air that is breathable will be only in the techno-filtered housing of the reigning class of unscrupulous thing fetishists.

    Terence pointed things like this out. Terence makes them uncomfortable; he implied that we have to change more than our income, that we have to live in a shamanic way to once again be in balance with nature. Modern psychedelicists have the tendency to talk and talk and talk about things, aned not change their ways at all. Terence is too confronting for them. They wish to be all intellectual about psychedelics and I imagine not a few of them have little or no real experience with a life-changing psychedelic experience. for them it is just a part of the culture, which truly IS NOT OUR FRIEND, as terence put it. Culture is the exact opposite of nature and well, in all truth is the cause of all wars, differences and exclusion of natural peoples, the cause of the death of the rainforests.

    That is my take on this Terence bashing. All the other psychedelic teachers except a few, are easier to accept and have less far-reaching implications.Easier to ignore.

    Timothy Leary is a perfect example of this easier to swallow psychedelic awareness.

    Thank you, for bringing us the wisdom of Terence. And the rest.

    Hey Dervishmadwhirler-

    I will say so in less words by simply saying you are SO RIGHT about Terrence. Keep the Bard’s words coming Lorenzo!


    Wow, what an amazing talk. I really enjoyed this talk, as well as all the Leary talks that were played on the Salon so far. At the same time I must raise a voice for good old Terrence and I was also mesmerized by that last RAW talk you published here a few days ago.

    So whom should I speak for? What can I say, The psychedelic community seems to have been blessed with an unusual amount of extremely gifted speakers.

    I hope to hear more of Mckenna, and more of the 2 others that I mentioned as well all those other great minds that you’ve brought here to the salon so far.

    So Lorenzo, whatever you choose will make me happy. Just don’t diddle the McKenna dose, I’m not sure our hyperpsychedelic minds will be able to withstand a long while without his wild ideas.



    Lorenzo….Congratulations to your 66th year on this funny little planet.

    Are you aware of the fact that with Life-Extension (RAW talked about these things alot)

    you might easily live till 122 – at least?! 🙂

    However, I strongly hope to hear fresh psychedlic podcasts for the next few decades! And I guess the role of Tim Leary’s “Cheerleader” has now been transferred to Lorenzo…

    Pura Vida!

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