Podcast 149 – “The Heavens”


Guest speakers: Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham


“The Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock [and Lynn Margulis] puts forward a scientific view of the living Earth, which in one respect is modern, empherical, scientific, in another respect re-awakens an ancient archetype, which in fact is so clearly suggested by the very name of the hypothesis, Gaia, the Greek name for Mother Earth.” –Rupert Sheldrake

SheldrakeRebirth[Speaking of the past:] “So there’s a kind of resurgence of the sense of freedom and spontaneity in nature. From nature being bound into a rigid, deterministic model, freedom, spontaneity and openness are emerging once again. It’s now recognized the future is open, not determined by the past. And this is true in many realms, the astronomical realm, the human realm, the meteorological realm in many ways.” –Rupert Sheldrake

“The basic idea I’m proposing is that the so-called ‘Laws of Nature’ may be more like habits. They may depend on what’s happened before and on how often it’s happened. So there may be a cumulative memory in nature, largely unconscious, which gives rise to habits and things, which accounts for the stability of nature as we know it. But this is not all governed by eternal laws that were there at the Big Bang.” –Rupert Sheldrake

SheldrakeNewScience“The English couldn’t bear this void for long, caused by the suppression of pilgrimage [by the Protestant Reformation], and within a few generations had invented tourism, which is best seen as a form of secularized pilgrimage.” –Rupert Sheldrake

“I think a great move forward would happen when astronomy and astrology link up once again.” –Rupert Sheldrake

“If the Sun has a kind of consciousness, then what about the entire galaxy, with this mysterious center?” –Rupert Sheldrake

“What we call the imagination is actually the universal library of what is real, that you couldn’t imagine it if it weren’t real, somewhere, sometime. And that to me is very empowering because that’s the truth that you learn at the center of the psychedelic experience that’s so mind boggling that you can’t really return with it, that it’s real.” –Terence McKenna

“Now it’s time to realize that trying to reason upward from the laws of atomic physics to organism is not going to work. That there are … emergent properties at every level.” –Terence McKenna


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Galaxy Map Hints at Fractal Universe

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    You said in the intro that this was a little esoteric.. that’s true, but, wow, I love this kinda stuff!

    I’ve been listening now for about a year, and I love the podcast! I surf at tribe.net, and deoxy.org is where I discovered you podcast! Keep up the Good Work!


    I agree with them, on the idea that the Sun is alive, and sentient.

    I read an article somewhere, about the ultimate computer… ever, possible…. and a theorist was reasoning this: if it were as fast as electrons could move, and as dense as possible, it would be spherical, and really hot!

    This made me think of the Sun!

    They also mentioned the AnimusMundi, I have seen Her, very intimidating vision!


    I had to pass this on. It’s worth the listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo


    thanks dr. purple, great link.

    I actually really dug hearing these three wax esoteric. Hearing McKenna mention Ficino and Bruno was pretty thrilling, as I’ve studied the history of hermeticism and hellenistic magic as paths to conciousness expansion used in the past (both with and in lieu of psychedelics) and often wondered while Terence, Ralph and Rupert have trialogued if they’d ever looked into the subject. Hints were dropped here and there in past talks, but this trialogue demonstrated a thorough and expansive understanding of the systems and principle players.

    While I realize it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, I’d love to hear any more material from these 3 on occult magickal (with the pretentious ‘k’) systems. I’m not a practitioner in any hermetic system myself, but do find the process and history fascinating. These past Adepts of hermeticism bridged the gap between the modern psychedelic movement and the mystery schools of Greece and Egypt.

    I’m glad so many people enjoyed this topic. … and I’ll be sure to look for some more talks on the hermetic/esoteric theme.

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