Podcast 143 – “Rethinking Society”


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


Art by Higinio Gonzalez[Quoting a friend] ” ‘The apocalypse is already happening.’ The slow apocalypse is unraveling all over the world.” –Terence McKenna

“If it’s all on automatic, if the world is either undergoing some kind of mass extinction and soul migration into the Elysium realm, then very little has to be done. If, on the other hand, it isn’t on automatic then what is the nature of the political and social world that we should construct for ourselves and our children?” –Terence McKenna

“What we have is a future-phobic society that places a great deal of stress on the preservation of a pseudo-tradition called “Family Values” by some people, but it has many names. It’s not an archaic social model, or anything rooted in long-term human organization. It’s basically the 19th century industrial model of the couple with some children fitted into an industrial economy.” –Terence McKenna

“It seems to me that a whole re-thinking of the notion of freedom has to come, and that it isn’t strictly a matter of more freedom.” –Terence McKenna

“I think we’re going to have to go back to Plato. Plato did not trust the poets, and the heirs of the poets in our hell bard are Madison Avenue.” –Terence McKenna

“The interesting ideas have to do with touching the taboos.”–Terence McKenna

“I’m basically an optimist, but not because I have faith in human institutions. But because I think there is a transcendental attractor that will eventually pull our chestnuts out of the fire.” –Terence McKenna

“I do believe that history is the proof of the presence of a hyperdimensional something or other, which is acting on ordinary biology.” –Terence McKenna

“The government follows. It doesn’t lead. We need leadership now, and leadership comes from people, that’s us.” –Ralph Abraham

“We’re not being led by evil people. We’re being led by jackasses at this point.” –Terence McKenna

“Pretending that this catastrophe [a coming global ice age] is not probable will almost certainly guarantee that it takes place real soon.” -Ralph Abraham

“Let’s avoid the disease of denial, because if we don’t admit a problem then there is no solution.” –Ralph Abraham

“What free trade means is the right to sell crap everywhere. The right to deal Coca Cola in Afghanistan, that’s what free trade is, the right to sell Volvos in Turkmenistan. It’s a bad idea, free trade. We don’t want to make trade easier. We want to make the manufacture of objects and excruciatingly expensive process and the moving of them from one market to another damn near impossible, because what we want is the de-materialization of culture.” –Terence McKenna

“The Great Leveling, which the Left always called for has in fact taken place in part, and that’s why you have less money. When the leveling took place did you think it was going to kick back into your pocketbook? You haven’t visited Bangladesh recently.” –Terence McKenna

“The Nation State has become a Fascist tool, all Nation States. What these companies stand for is unbridled gangsterism.” –Terence McKenna

“What we need to do is dematerialize our interphasing with nature. If we’re going to keep the body then we have to jettison material culture. We cannot have both the body and material culture.” –Terence McKenna

“Yes, I think that we’re going to a grand destiny, and that the planet will survive this, but consciousness is the flashlight to throw on the path.” –Terence McKenna

“History is an agitation in biology that proceeds the Eschaton, and it only takes it 25,000 years to rise out of the sea of chaos.” –Terence McKenna

“Love is what lies at the end of the historical descent into novelty. It has to be.” –Terence McKenna


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    Wow! this was a great listen too after listening to the Genesis generation. We need is the de-materialization of culture for sure! The major epidemics are now chronic and genetic which are environmentally driven. Since our environment can be viewed as containing culture, then it is logical to conclude that culture isn’t your friend.

    I can feel the awakening happening.

    oh yeah! this mde me think of queer ninjas end of the wold album from dopefiend.co.uk wesite. There was a link in those podcast notes about lots of end of days myths.


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