Podcast 138 – “The Shulgins at Mind States 2005″


Guest speakers: Ann and Sasha Shulgin


Sasha and Ann Shulgin“It’s amazing what children don’t know their parents do.” . . .Sasha

“Let me tell you, MDMA is an extraordinary psychotherapeutic drug.” . . . Ann

“I really cannot conceive of a color test that would show positive with 2C-B or 2C-I in urine because the amounts there are so small.” . . . Sasha

“There are many, many things that are potentially active as psychedelics and have not been assayed, not been tasted. The whole art of taking an unknown compound and beginning to find out what it’s action is going to be sounds naively simple. You just start taking more and more of it until you turn on. But the truth is your turn-on may be a convulsion. It may be sedation. It may be all kinds of other types of action. So you have to sneak up on a new compound. So if you are at all considering looking at these kinds of things, I stress: Be extremely cautious if they have not been taken in humans before. Preliminary animal screening, to me, is worthless.” . . . Sasha

“The hypnotic trance state is, I believe, fully as good as any drug in opening those doors inside a person’s psyche, and I do believe that instead of risking legal problems, you should go to a good hypnotherapist and find out how to discover yourself that way.” . . . Ann

“Sasha usually tries to remind people that it isn’t the drug that is giving you an experience, whether it’s one of love or anything else. It is your own psyche, the drugs act as keys to the inner doors. I mean, DMT will definitely open a different door than mescaline, but it’s all still what’s inside you.” . . . Ann


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Books by Ann and Sasha Shulgin:

PIHKAL by Ann and Sasha Shulgin Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story TIHKAL by Ann and Sasha Shulgin Tihkal: The Continuation

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    Dear Lorenzo and fellow psychonauts,

    Every time I hear from people that claim they are addicted from the sacred herb, cannabis, i remind myself the bit from Hunter S Thompson’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, where the Gonzo himself was checking upon the stash cramped in the back of his car in the middle of the dessert:

    “…my attorney has eaten all the reds, but there was quite a bit of speed left, no more grass, the coke bottle was empty, one acid blotter, a nice brown lump of opium hash…”

    Do people forget that it’s a common practice to mix an addictive substance, most commonly opium, with hash? Especially that the fellow in the post that you’ve read spoke about being addicted to a special brand of hash? DIdn’t it ever dawn upon the poor mate that his problem is due to being a junkie, as he even mentions smoking opiates when there is none of this special hash around?

    Please, speaking of addicting to cannabis is akin to being unable to drop eating delicious sundae. If you really find one of those hard to drop, then it’s something else in it that you’ve developed addiction to, you can be sure of it.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

    Rock on, Lorenzo!

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