Podcast 137 – “Creation of the Future”


Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary


[NOTE: The following quotes are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

Lorenzo at the Timothy Leary Archive before the New York City Library bought the collection“When the big quake comes, be on the California side!”

“So the concept that developed at Harvard, then at Millbrook, and later it seemed to have moved out to other places, was the concept of serial imprinting. That for thousands of years the smartest women and men have known that through manipulating your nervous system by getting high in any way that you can you can suspend the old imprints and have a chance to start a new reality.”

“Your theory of evolution is the key to your own personal development, or your understanding of what’s happening around you. . . . Your theory of evolution determines, really, what kind of a life you’re going to lead.”

“Evolution is not accidental.”

“Every time you put your tongue in the mouth of a loved one, or vice versa, you are exchanging more information in one second than all the Libraries of Congress in history.”

“You either believe in nothing whatsoever than chance, or you’re going to believe in a biological intelligence which knows that she’s doing.”

“The point here is, if you’re going to feel ’synced’ you’ve got to be in a place where there are people who share your reality.”

“The way evolution works is this, evolution never tries to change grown ups. . . . Look in the dictionary for the word ‘adult’. You’ll find the word ‘adult’ is the past participle of the word ‘to grow’.”Death mask of Dr. Timothy Leary

“We didn’t grow from the apes. We refused to become apes.”

“What happened in the 1960s was this, the time had come to avoid terminal adulthood. . . . A generation of young people simply refused to buy the adult image, the adult model.”

“One of the messages that I have right now, the message is this: I don’t advocate anything, but I urge you to think it over. I urge you at all costs to avoid terminal adulthood.”

“When you look at a map that has got those hours, those meridians, those aren’t hours, those are centuries.”


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    Leary is so fine. In my eye he’s been the most powerful force for good in my lifetime by far. What a brave man, you know he spent 4 years in jail, 2 in solitary. “your only as old as the last time you changed your mind.” and a thousand other words to live by. I truely love him. But I remember a 10 hit L journey when we played one of his talking records or tapes and it was really great for about an hour but then we all wanted something new but when we all went to the stereo equipment to change it we were all lost because the equip. looked like a spaceship control panel, way beyond our abilities. we must have looked like a group of monkeys staring at IBMs big blue. So we just let it play for another 3 hours. so his voice is imprinted deeeeeeeeply in my brain core. But thats all good. Peace, and let it begin with me.

    Prior to these playings, and I can’t wait for the “archives” mentioned, I’ve read a lot of Leary, prior to tripping myself, at the recommendation of a philosophy professor at university. He said he couldn’t imagine Mardi Gras without them but his advice was to go do research on it, and he pointed me to Leary. From that experience, I got turned on to Wired Magazine, the WELL (Whole Earth ‘lectronicc Link), Rainbow Gathering, I went to two gatherings, totally connecting with the spirituality and consensual political structure of it without out ever having taken any of these wonderful sacraments. And I have to say that “Om”ing with 8,000 people while praying for world peace is an amazing pschedelic experience even if you’ve ingested NOTHING physical. Now, when I finally made a very well-informed, thoughtful decision, to journey, it was deeply spiritual and philiosophical. It lead me from making a living as a small business owner to making my living for nearly 20 years as a Tarot Card reader, to now, teaching reading and literature to kids with special needs.

    I know I’m in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right people, at the right time, than almost any other choices. And I believe that my daughter will have a much more comfortable, love-filled, discovery filled life that is connected and spiritually fulfilling because of many, many truths I’ve learned because of Timothy Leary, Emma Goldman, and the human family (of many different faiths/paths) I continually become closer to in this psychedelic mind space.

    Peace and Love,


    What is the love of art apart from the art of love?

    Loving these Leary lectures. He’s a rock ‘n roll lecturer that can keep up with the crazies, but also keep his threads and scientific ducks in a row. The Cooper Union talk changed the way I approach psychedelics–the “re-imprinting” idea is a fascinating one and makes a lot of sense to me. And then in this talk, thinking about evolution, gaia, nervous systems… great food for thought and great fun to listen to. Bring on more Leary! And, Lorenzo, you are enriching the whole world with this service you provide. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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