Podcast 133 – “The Cyber Society”


Guest speakers: Dr. Timothy Leary and Eldridge Cleaver


[NOTE: The following quotes are by Dr. Timothy Leary.]

“We know that typically the real changes in human nature, the changes in human politics and economics and society, are brought about by two things: By people who have a map or a vision or a model of where we’re going to go, these are the philosophers. And then the technicians, the people who get together the printing presses, or the compasses, or the high technology that can take us where we want to go.”

Dr. Timothy Leary“Viewed in the 1930s, when Einstein came to America, he was considered as far out as a crack dealer.”

“Heisenberg taught us to take the universe very personally … in both senses of the word.”

“So who? Who’s gonna prepare a civilization of factory workers and farmers and people who haven’t even got the Model T Ford yet? Who’s gonna prepare them for an Einsteinian, relativistic, quantum physical, ever-changing, probabilistic universe? Who? Well you know who you can count on at every time in human history when we had to make a big philosophic lurch forward. Who always came to the front and saved the day and made us feel happy and comfortable with a new future? I’m talking about those friends of ours who have always been around when we needed them, the musicians, and the artists, and the poets, and the writers, and the bards, and the performers, and the storytellers, and, OK, the minstrels, the rock n’ rollers. Right! The actors, the script writers.”

“The whole 20th Century, to me, is the story of how artists and writers prepared us to be comfortable in a quantum-physical world.”

“We’re talking about a generation of people who, since the time they were born, have been inundate by data, electronic data. To the Baby Boomers and subsequent generations electronic data is the ocean they swim in.”

“Of course, everybody got down on the poor doctor [Benjamin Spock]. He was blamed for the excesses of the sixties, ha ha. I was glad to have him get blamed otherwise I would have gotten blamed.”Eldridge Cleaver

“The psychedelic pudding hit the fan in the sixties when the Spock kids hit high school and college, and they wanted a gourmet education, and they wanted connoisseur sex. … Gee, we said you’re the best, but we didn’t realize that you guys would take us seriously.”

“The Cyber Society is a society made up of individuals who think for themselves, linked up with other individuals who think for themselves.”

“The Sixties were the adolescence of the Baby Boom.”

Following the talk by Dr. Leary I play a short personal message from Eldrige Cleaver to Timothy Leary that was recorded on January 7, 1995. The message Cleaver was so intensely trying to convey to his friend, Tim Leary, was that he believed it was imperative that the U.S. elect a woman president in the year 2000. Unfortunately, neither of these two important historical figures are alive today, and thus we can only speculate as to what they would think about the state of affairs in 2008.


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  1. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=268

    WE are the artists, in this podcast, that bring the future to the people. Yes I mean you. I love it, that right in the smackdab middle of Ameriker here, where folks are standing in their own shit so long it has rock hardened confusing their capitalism for religion, Lorenzo has planted this swearling mass of shiny smiling skulls. Hell, in Cent. and So. America we all talk about various forms of economic/political paradigms we could take and try and now back in the USSR here most people look at me like I’ve just disrespected Holy Mother Mary when I try to discuss alternatives to unfettered capitalism. Where’s the freedom here!! So Think for Yourself and Question Authority. Much of our socialization is really adults telling lies they don’t believe to children how it is how it was told by their mother, by their mother, by their mother…. A way of closing little open minds with lies. As if there was no truth! So more important than Swiss studies on Psychedelics is what the vine said last night. So the vine said last night,

    SOccorro, the shout goes up across the camp

    Squid’ n’ Octupi’ tenticles evolve within a mass cathedral of all my own design

    The chap behind the filters smiles, look and know your God does shine up in the heavens from within

    Son of Gold speaks to ma,

    Pa Madre Ayahuasca smiles, a grin of a thousand glistening skulls,

    And I can move my right hand and whisper three little words, and their psyche sees me, then they run for the hills and tip rocks and drfit on there heads,

    And still they come and ask me, I show them what needs to be done, they come once and run away, back to man made chaos.

    My journey is over, but the waves still crash upon the beach

    Let’s just give to Obama til it hurts

    tree wisdom
    That was an interesting (if not slightly meandering) history lesson/perspective to hear. Seeing how one world view set us up for the next step isn’t the way history was taught in my school, though I wish it was- I’d probably would have paid more attention. Though Leary didn’t say it, one could turn that light on him an see that his actions and influence was yet another step for how we got here today. I get the sense that he’d guess we’d be closer to the cyberpunk model then we are today. Or, perhaps we’re here, just in a more subtle and covert way.

    As an artist, I find comments like his to be fueling, it can lay out more of a purpose or even responsibility to help push things in a healthy direction.

    Did Leary join Cleaver in any press conferences to help him with his goal?

    He rambles quite a bit…I guess it is just too familiar, but it all sounds kind of like fluff to me. Oh well.

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