Podcast 128 – “The State of the Stone”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotes below are by Terence McKenna.]

“I’m very pleased … to see how much of the youth culture has become sensitive to the psychedelic issue. Because it really means that after 20, 30 years of unstinting distortion and misrepresentation by the media and some of the powers that be, that nevertheless the curiosity is intact, the opportunity is available, and people have not been fooled by the effort to denigrate, dumb-down, sideline, water down, sell out, whitewash and screw over the idea that psychedelic plants are an excellent and necessary part of any program of spiritual self-exploration.”

“Our evolutionary heritage lies in the use of psychedelics. It was in all probability that psychedelics called forth our humanness.”

“For all of its capacity to razzle dazzle, science has some serious drawbacks, some serious limitations that psychedelic experiences make more starkly evident, I think, simply because psychedelic people then compare the full spectrum of their experience to the paradigm they’re being offered.”

“Nature is self-similar across scale.”

“We can extrapolate towards cosmic processes by thinking about our own lives.”

“In other words, we represent the quintessential gathering together of novelty. We are more than mere matter. We are more than mere biology. We are more than mere aboriginal culture. We are all of those things plus we are our skin of technical connections.”

“The Big Bang is completely improbable, utterly improbable. It is the most improbable of all improbabilities. So just remember that when the fascism of science is telling you that astrologers don’t know what they’re talking about, and somebody else doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I mean, science has built a house of cards on worse than sand, quicksand!”

“I’m willing to say I’m convinced that history is the annunciation of the nearby presence of a transformational event. . . . History is what happens when an animal species has its genome distorted by the nearby presence of a transcendental object.”

“Love, in the heart of a monkey, which is what we are, is an effort to image this transcendental thing at the end of time. To love is to open to the presence of the Other, and that’s a very, very profound boundary dissolution.”

“Ultimately at death, I think probably the only way you can meet death fully in command of your faculties is to love it, to surrender to it.”

“What it might take you forty years to do through a process of rational analysis, and psychotherapy, and deconstruction, and so on and so forth, it can happen literally overnight on a sufficiently alarming dose of a psychedelic substance.”

“One of the great things about psychedelics that is so corrosive to capitalistic values is that psychedelics show you that the best stuff is in your own head, better than walking down Madison Avenue looking in the windows is sitting in your shabby apartment on six dried grams [of psilocybin mushrooms] looking in the windows.”


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  1. In listening again to Bruce Damer’s account of Terrance’s last moments, your right Lorenzo, while he did say “It’s all about love” his last words were “..keep breathing” You too Be well my friend”.

  2. In view of the following quote by Terrance “Ultimately at death, I think the only way you can meet death fully in command of your faculties is to love it, to surrender to it”, I find it interesting, if it is true, that according to an earlier podcast his last words were “It’s all love”.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: While I am not certain about the correctness of this, what I was told was that he said, “It’s all about love.” But either way it’s an interesting observation.]

  3. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=261

    “Our evolutionary heritage lies in the use of psychedelics. It was in all probability that psychedelics called forth our humanness.” A real likely rational for why and how us chimpanzees shook off all that hair and quickly, actually almost instantly by evolutionary historically measured time, started working with symbols and tools until now we wheel our “dunebuggys” over the terrain of the planet Mars, no problem!! Terrance really shouted out this theory beautifully (may his soul peacefully transmit bliss, be bliss, taste bliss forever).

    “One of the great things about psychedelics that is so corrosive to capitalistic values is that psychedelics show you that the best stuff is in your own head, better than walking down Madison Avenue looking in the windows is sitting in your shabby apartment on six dried grams [of psilocybin mushrooms] looking in the windows.” Yea, I remember I was graduating from UCLA, picking up a few degrees, one in psychology, when a little purple pill made by a certain Dr. Owsley got popped in my mouth. 48 hours later I realized I had just become a Nobel laureate superstar psychological wonderkind, and all that learning came from 12 hours of “study” on that little purple pill. And……………having worked so hard, and read all those books, and got A’s on all those tests so that I could live the life of the rich in my beach mansion decorated with dazzeling objects of art…….48 hours after that little purple pill, I realized that every blade of grass was a masterpiece. Soooo beautiful that it brought me to tears and that no mansion was as exquisite as my Utah sandstone cave. I WAS in paradise wherever I looked. I didn’t need to DO anything, yet nothing was left undone.

    Bless you our friend, Lorenzo, and may your health improve. If you need anything, anything at all, email me, I live in Solana Beach, near you, and I would be honored to give back to you especially after all you’ve given to me here in the Salon. Bless you.

    I came across this video of the history of psychedelic research and since I try to help out in this endeavor and my good friend Rick Doblin just told me of some great new research that’s now happening, and I’ve waited 40 years now for this research to continue, it’s now continuing. If anyone wants to help out, donations to MAPS will be a dollar well spent on the divine. Pass it on. I think you’ll have to copy and paste this for the video called “Horizon: Psychedelic science by Bill Eagles” http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=654090592

    And the best I’ve read and heard in a long time is the book by Graham Hancock called “Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind” and if you copy and paste this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzKp2PeXeWI It’s a great video/talk on this subject by Graham Hancock: look around after part 1 and you’ll find on the same webpage all 12 parts. Enjoy.

    The World Psychedelic Forum is happening in a few weeks – March 21-24. It’s in Basel, Switzerland. Google the web site: they’ll be some great speakers to tickle you pineal. Albert Hoffman is 102 this year. You can shake his hand (then if you lick your hand you’ll probably be shining for the next 12 hours) That’s not a promise, but maybe????

    synchronicity rocks! today’s mail brought me hancock’s “supernatural” from the P.Salon amazon store. so your review is most timely & thanks also to drpurple & lorenzo for comments re hancock.

    iin a short talk Hancock spoke of the snake guardian & commented that the snake is common to visions & ancient/modern artifacts/art illustrating the entheogenic realms.

    Isn’t there a sci-fi story about the Snake in Eden getting a bad rap? (Harlan Ellison?)

    thanks also for links – now i can work AND explore.

    blessings, :L, drlaura

    I see how Joe/Jane Citizen has been honed to be an efficient consumer, hir every desire branded, hir self-esteem even tied inextricably to consumption. How much better I feel in the right clothes, cars, houses. What to think branded; Democrat, Progressive, Anachist. The Globalization of the Robot/Consumer. The branded spirituality. The hunks-of-meat wage slaves overworking, no time for the kids, no time to think, can’t be late. The Capitalist system is a sleek machine. Where is this going. Where are we going; better to return to the source. We come equipped with a receiver/transmitter of Dark Matter and Energy. WE come equipped with a DNA coded Akashic Record of alltime everywhere. The DNA Coil has been practicing with the packaging problem for a few hundred million years and has come up with the new improved monkey. The talking plants have been evolving for millions of years too. NOW as the consumer slick machine tries to eat the planet, the monkeys have heard the call of the plant teachers. The teachers are here to treat the Earth Sickness. The shamans have predicted this; everythings has evolved on time, perfect. We are taught that our consciousness, shining, void and inseparable from the great body of radiance, has no birh, nor death. For 40 years the laws on this planet have made one thing untouchable. It is so illegal that it can’t be touched, owned or even researched. Should have known, that’s how it always is. The talking plants are waking up, the scientists can now touch the plant medicines. The shamans are waking up. In cities and country towns all across the planet certain person’s are starting to shine. The internet provides access to information concerning the talking plants and the secret shamans exchange techniques. Local closeted shaman’s who have been learning the secrets of the talking plants thru experience, experience, experience. Into other worlds. Millions of shamans are waking up; these healers don’t even know yet that they know how to heal the Sickness on the planet. The change is in the air. Hello out there.

    drlaura, you’re enthusiasm is contageous. Yes, the sychronicities! I’ve always seen them as road signs telling me that I’m still on the correct high way. And the Snake guardian with its symbol of Western medicine of the snake writhing up the knife handle. I have an old 3-sided sacrificial knife from the Bhutan with the same snake writhing up the handle. The Snake of the ayahuasca visions and the 1/2 man + 1/2 beasties in Mankind’s visions for the last 50,000 years. Just as the monkey makes the leap to toolmaker, symbol communicator, he expends energies hiking to the back of a 2-mile cave with a torch in hand where he eats his sacred plant medicines and draws on the walls the exquisite images of what any person can see with ayahuasca today. Must have been very important for our ancestors to pour out their hearts back in those caves. And from no cave paintings to instantly cave paintings during the same exact years appearing all over this planet. Instantly! What was speaking to our ancestors? And how have we been taught to view these same snakes and anthropormorphic beings in our Western culture. The untouchable: Satan. Mankind kept from experiencing direct spiritual awareness so that the priest/rulers elite could hold all the power. Anyone else gets close; burn those witches at the stake.

    In my travels I’m always astounded by the number of people who know about the filtering of information by the corporate-controlled media here in the States. Yet few Americans are aware of what the brillant Noam Chomsky has been tracking for years now. I have legal residency in Costa Rica and these United States, but for the last 2 years I’ve spent most of my time in Brazil. Brazil of the massive ayahuasca-cult churches in most cities. Of the Amazon shamans and their talking plants. Brazil with its sensuality and wispy fog of mysticism floating close to the ground everywhere. Brazil with love in its eyes. Yet I owe my allegiance elsewhere too. I would give my live for my Love. I Love my Mother. Mother Earth.

    T. Leary’s takes on the ancient serpent coil in Lao Tse’s ancient works:

    Prehistoric Origins Of DNA

    Unceasing, continuous

    Branching out in roots innumerable

    Forever sending forth the serpent coil

    of living things

    Mysterious as the formless existence

    to which it returns

    Twisting back

    Beyond mind

    We say only that it is form from the formless

    Life from spiral void


    Returning To The Source – Repose

    Be empty

    Watch quietly while the ten thousand forms

    swim into life and return to the source

    Do nothing

    Return to the source

    Deep repose is the sign

    That you have reached

    The appointed goal

    To return to the source is to

    discover the eternal law of seed

    He who returns to this eternal law is enlightened

    Being enlightened he is serene

    Being serene he is open-hearted

    Being open-hearted he is beyond social games

    Being beyond social games he is in tune with seed

    Being in tune with seed he endures

    Until the end of his life he is not in peril


    The Serpent Coil Of DNA

    We meet it everywhere

    But we do not see its front

    We follow it everywhere

    But we do not see its back

    When we embrace this ancient serpent coil

    We are masters of the moment

    And we feel no break in the

    Curling back to primeval beginnings

    This may be called

    Unraveling the clue of the life process

    Hey folks, a brand new mckenna recording unknown to me, I love that guy

    Terence McKenna Special


    Hey lorenzo, get better soon, you old dustfilter ;p


    many many thanks for the Terence McKenna Special. especially liked The Bard’s anwer to the question of what to do. It’s not to do, but to do not. Do not believe. Do not follow. Do not consume. Do not watch. Do not multiply.

    You got to admit we are fortunate people to get to hear a truely great being speak. Again, thank you brother.


    september at the sundance festival the new movie, “DMT: the spirit molecule” of the R. Strassman variety will be out this is the website http://www.thespiritmolecule.com


    all of you here so vibrant and alive … tears to my eyes!

    !! DMT movie no less! so our movement has legs- moving mainstream?

    i am listening a lot to Graham Hancock speak in a zillion youtube downloads. hancock has been changed by ayahuasca and ibogaine and dmt and is becoming a strong entheogenic spokesman

    [anti-mind control]

    however? he disagrees w/ terence in a couple key points – he feels that there is extant paleolithic art of the entheogenic experience [terence may not have known] and he speaks more than a little about ‘greys’ met with sacred medicine through opened inner doors.

    i wonder.

    strange hypothesis – there is a numbing of body that occurs from sacred medicine before we leave body. to me this is familiar as the “taking my hands out of glove box” from chem lab. so that i realize the “i” inhabits the body but is not ‘merely’ physical or just the body.

    could it be that if you’ve not known this “self-removability” say from a chem lab/science lab that you’d translate as little green/grey men LGM? i mean it’s not a common experience?

    terence spoke of the faberge eggs bouncing in and out of his body – another less “verbal” person would feel that as “interpenetration” and interpret as sexual?

    most important: the sharing here is exponentially expanding! thank you and multi-blessings to all.

    ps. new ramdass satsang site- RamDassSatsang

    – join for $9 for 1 mo or more; may also help life support since stroke [wheelchair & only 1 working arm]. am wanting to hear more from Ram Dass – he went from LSD to bhakti yoga [devotional path]. my need is for jnana yoga – wisdom path e.g., Terence et al, but thought you’d want to know.

    today: hexagram 51 came to life.

    breakfast comes done

    & phone rings

    & smoke alarm goes off

    & broiler needs attending [cooking early for whole day]

    BUT calm reigns.

    amazed recognition of new inner quiet

    torrentpirate – thanks for the intro to the C-realm podcast site. lots of Lorenzo there too!

    and LLama2, wow! the website for the dmt film is gorgeous just to look at the picture.

    i loved the “entheogen movie”. they sell that one off their website. when i bought it i was surprised to get 2 copies when i pd for only 1. wrote to return it and they said they were out of the little boxes, so gave me a 2nd dvd instead.

    don’t i wish the DMT movie would come out available to buy on dvd. hmmm. we could write and ask!

    blessings, :L


    Just to share my actual experience, if that’s what you were asking in your last post. When I’m sharing space with the “machine elves” they are visually very clear, changing sparkling like, but as real as my computer in front of me now, happy to see me, and immediately wanting to get down to teaching me their, what can I say, ability to produce, create, manifest physical objects and also a range of physical-type objects but some different styles of physical than the one we use on our mundane plane. The first time I contacted them they seemed so different from what I had read and expected that I was stongly surprised and loudly laughed for quite a while. They talk loudly but mentally-like because we don’t use our mouths and I think its a foreign language that I understand exactly, but I don’t remember having communicated in this language before. the throat and mouth is used for creating physical things. They create the sound perfectly and then I try copying them by practicing a deep hum-type sound in my chest and I’m suppose to bring it up and out of my mouth in an exact way. Like the exact perfect note is what is desired for the manifestation. And I’ve been able to get it right and up but not yet out just the right way. But I keep trying and I sometime think later that my neighboors around me must think I’m loudly burping or something equally weird because the sound is so unique. And just as I’m repeatedly trying, the time to go back comes about. But I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that will improve my odds and the elves have been so helpful and don’t at all seem impatient with my lack of total success. They are the perfect, very enthusiastic teachers that never give up. It’s odd to say, but I have noticed 1. that they are the same when I’m contacting them in Costa Rica, Brazil or the USA 2. In all countries the entire contact is in all ways much more facilitated when I’m very close to water, which is often because I always like to sleep very close to the ocean so I can hear the waves clearly. But also by big rivers in Brazil. This water thing seems quite significant. That’s all the information that I can feel safe to say on the internet.

    Sorry, I left out a descriptive part that essential The elves are doing all that I said above while always simutaneously doing very quickly performed non-stop jokes or punns by moving and transforming and changing their external appearance so they don’t always look like elves exactly because they can change joke hats and clothes to go with their latest flash punn performance all the while teaching sound techiques to produce physical manifestations. The punns are usually very related to me personally, but always very good natured and never mean. To give a good example even though it embarassing, once while I was initially in Brazil I had been pretty overwhelmed by the fact that as an aging guy who was getting little fat and no longer looked my best, that in Brazil everyone was reacting to me as if I had transformed into a like Brad Pitt or some equally super perfect physically attractive male movie star. So I began feeling like I was 18 again and became a sexual glutton and all. And I had a lot of disposable income so I began experiencing what we would call in the US, prostitutes (but in Brazil when these beautiful creatures beyond belief are coming up to you non-stop all day acting like they have fallen in love with you and will kill themselves if you don’t say yes, what is expected of an older man like myself when the passion has been exhausted is to take them out to dinner and pay for their cab home. Which to a Brasilera is a lot of money, but if you give them what they think is too much cab money, they act insulted and give the money back to you (a communist thing, I think). So I say all this because that night when I made contact with the elves when all the above had been happening in my daily life, this one elf appeared joyously dancing on top of a orgy of about 20 happy humans and the elf punned me by appearing clothed in a Uncle Sam red, white and blue stripped costume with top hat, holding gobs of American dollars in each outstreched hand looking straight in my eyes like lets celebrate this stupid sexual game you’ve been dazzled by. And we both laughed alot. This was my private secret life that we were joking about and I felt shame and joy and like he had really GOT ME! This is what I mean about the punns. But it keeps everything very upbeat and chearful, which is definately what the elves like.


    thanks for the heads up re: Ram Dass.

    I heard Ram Dass talk about this years ago: you know in Buddhist teachings the goal/no goal is often to drop the ego and become empty, nothing, nobody, in a sense. Well, the storey goes that when the famous acid-head, Wavey Gravey of San Francisco ran for President of the US in the early 70’s, that he ran under the actualized name of “Nobody”. So there were buses going down the streets of San Francisco with signs on the side that proclaimed “Vote for Nobody for President”, “Nobody Cares!” and billboards that said, “Nobody will lower your taxes!”; Nobody would even give you all you wanted. Life is Good.

    I lived in San Francisco during the late 60’s and early 70’s and you know Wavey was kind of famous among the psychnaut’s group and he got his head real high. And then he got to wearing a clown outfit with the full orange afro and red nose and all and going to the terminal and burn wards, just the children’s wards, at our local S.F. hospitals. He was there to just being there. Sometimes he said it was real hard to go into some of the kid’s rooms because their plight was so tragic and he was dressed like a clown and sometimes it was just good to be there real honest-like and not do the clown part. Sometimes. And then there came the day when everyone on the hospital ward became aware that one of the little 5 year old kids was causing a problem for Wavey and everyone else. The little kid was so badly burned over most of his body and his 5 year-old face was so extremely deformed and burnt that it was hard even without the clown costume to go into that room and look in those eyes and not be hit with such emotion at him being such a young kid and all, so the problem was that not very many people could go into the kid’s room and so now it wasn’t a good thing because he was getting isolated and sad. But then they watched one day when this little black kid, also on the same ward but with still enough energy; he was running up and down the hallways like children do making noises and then he ran past the real burned kid’s open door and he spun into the room and looked straight in the burnt kids eyes and said, just as open as kids are, “Man, is you ugly”. And the little burned kid and the enegetic kid broke out into crazy kid laughter and the ice was broken. Now the kid wasn’t alone anymore. The innocent truth had became light as it always has a way of eventually doing. I don’t know why I just thought of this.

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