Podcast 121 – “Grass Roots Science”


Guest speakers: Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham, and Terence McKenna


Rupert Sheldrake: “Especially in Brittan, this declining confidence in science, and this declining funding of science has let to a reduction of scientific morale. Fewer and fewer people want to study science in schools or go into it as graduate students. . . . It looks as if the great golden days, the golden age of the sixties and seventies of endless expansion, is over, perhaps forever.”

Rupert Sheldrake: “So morphic resonance research has turned out to be cheap, indeed, almost free in some cases. And much of the leading research has been done by students as projects. And this has made it clear to me that students, who do tens of thousands of projects around the world are quite capable of doing leading-edge research. They are actually doing it in the realm of morphic resonance.”

Terence McKenna: “I think that science has not only moved from the easy problems to the hard problems, in its evolution over the past thousand years, it’s also moved from the cheap problems to the expensive problems.”

Terence McKenna: “Science is not done in the spirit of Greek curiosity about the order of nature. Science is done to make money on a vast scale.”

Terence McKenna: “I think science has been vastly transformed from the simple impulse to understand the natural world around us into a kind of hellish marriage with capitalism, technology, enormous instruments, and the military/industrial complex.”

Terence McKenna: “And I believe, I absolutely agree with you, there should be no such thing as classified scientific data. That’s an obscene concept.”

Rupert Sheldrake: “The vast majority of psychedelic research, 99.999% at least, which has a lot to say, as I suppose you would agree, about the nature of consciousness, the range of imagination, and the powers of the human mind, etc. is not funded at all by official agencies. In fact, every effort is made to suppress it.”


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Grass Roots Science Report mentioned in this podcast:
An Amateur Qualitative Study of 48 2C-T-7 Subjective Bioassays

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    Hi Lorenzo and fellow Saloners,

    Always enjoy and learn from your podcasts Lorenzo, thanks for all the effort you put in. Was traveling in India last winter and met Dr. Sheldrake by chance at a temple in Thanjvur. Kind, generous, and thoughtful he is.

    Have been making a non-commercial film about the trip and have incorporated a section of Rupert speaking about Morphic Resonance into the film from one of your Trialogue podcasts (blended with some nice Cheb i Sabbah). An early version of that section is here: http://www.mutualadmirationplanet.com

    The woman you hear at the beginning of this podcast might be Rupert’s wife Jill Purce. She too is an amazing teacher and author of “The Mystic Spiral” http://www.jillpurce.com Was very lucky last summer to take both Rupert & Jill’s 1-week courses at Hollyhock: http://www.hollyhock.ca Highly recommend them to anyone who resonates with their lectures and books. BTW Rupert, Ralph and Andrew Weil gave a great Trialogue last summer at Hollyhock – online here:


    Appreciated your calm way of viewing the Myspace deletion,

    best wishes into the new year,


    Thanks for the link to your film. I’m looking forward to seeing the final version. . . . and thanks for the other links as well. I’ve been to Hollyhock myself and highly recommend taking in a workshop there if you ever have the opportunity. I met some amazing people there, and several of them are now close friends.

    hi, for some reason the blog, the frontpage pulldown list, and the rss feed are out of sync.

    (As I already heard 122)

    Thanks again for a great feed Lorenzo and indeed happy holidays 🙂

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