Podcast 115 – “Bios and Logos”


Guest speaker: Mark Pesce


Mark Pesce(Minutes : Seconds into program)

[NOTE: All quotations below are by Mark Pesce.]

11:35“The singularity is how Terence’s idea of the Eschaton is working its way now into popular cultures through scientists.”

16:42“There are periods of time when your DNA isn’t doing anything at all, when it’s quiescent. And at that time, when it’s not interacting with the world around it, it can enter what physicists call superposition. When it’s not interacting it can enter a quantum state. That quantum state says that it can be in this universe, and this universe, and this universe, and this universe. Well, it can be in a lot of different universes. In fact, it can be in ten with five hundred zeros following it, possible universes.”

30:33“The ability for you to react to your environment from your genetic code verses being able to react to your environment because you can communicate using language is probably at least ten million to one times faster. That means at the same time we acquired the ability to speak everything about us in terms of humanity, and human culture, and human thought, and human understanding suddenly went ten million times faster.”

47:22: [talking about nanotechnology] “The world we’re going to, the entire physical world, can now start to look a lot more like Legos that get snapped together at will. And if you think about the difference between building a castle out of sand and building a castle out of Legos, you’re starting to understand the difference that we’re about to be presented with in the material world. So at the atomic scale level of the material world is about to become linguistically pliable. This is an ability we have never had before.”

52:01“It’s my belief, and I want you to prove me right, that the psychedelic community represents the authentic search for a middle path, because what’s happening in the psychedelic experience is that there’s a stretching of being. There’s a stretching of being that allows new forms of language and new ideas to enter. We all understand this intuitively because we come back from a psychedelic experience with some expanded sense of awareness, that we’ve been opened up to an understanding we didn’t have before.”

54:08“You can argue about the specifics of when it’s going to happen, but what you can’t argue about is that there are three waves. We can take a look at the shape of these three waves and the fact that these three waves seem to be concrescening on a single point, and that this single point is where Homo sapiens is going to be left behind, and we’re going to see the emergence of a new species.”


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    Hi Lorenzo,

    Haven’t posted here before, but I have been keeping up with the podcasts regularly for the past few months. Of course I love hearing Mckenna, but this podcast really blew me away. More than listening to Mckenna, I love being introduced to new writers, thinkers and contributors. I would very much enjoy hearing more talks by Pesce. Thanks a lot Lorenzo, and keep up the good work!

    Hey Lorenzo,

    I’m now firmly in the habit of listening to these podcasts, which I believe are doing me a world of good. Thanks for getting them out there.

    I really enjoyed this particular podcast (Mark Pesce). One of his points was that “…at the atomic scale level of the material world is about to become linguistically pliable.” He drew an analogy to magic spells.

    This reminded me of a dramatic demonstration of linguistics being used to shape the material world on the micro-scale. If you (or anyone else out there) have time, I recommend you watch Paul Rothemund’s presentation at TED, entitled “Casting spells with DNA”. (7 minutes)


    this is mark pesce’s youtube address!


    I always enjoy Mark’s talks. I can tell he was weaned on Robert Anton Wilson . . . just like me. I’ve always thought most of these talks needed more RAW-like influence.

    All this talk about memes really reminds me of Swami Sivananda spoke about thoughts in his book Thought Power: http://www.dlshq.org/download/thought_power.pdf (free download)

    Just in case anyone is wondering here are the two books that were mentioned:

    A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram


    Quantum Evolution by John McFadden


    Hey Lorenzo.

    Thanks for the great endorsement you gave http://www.GaianBotanicals.com I really appreciate it!



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