Podcast 113 – “Syntax of Psychedelic Time”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

[NOTE: All quotations below are by Terence McKenna.]

11:53 “There’s no question but what the human imagination has taken to itself so much power that it no longer can remain on the surface of the planet. We sort of have to part company with the planet for our own good and for its [own good].”

14:15 “I think that the old evolutionary model, which was that evolution was the struggle of the fittest, and the devil take the hindmost, is pretty much discredited. And we now understand that what is maximized in evolution is not the sharpness of the fang or the length of the claw, but the ability to cooperate with other species, harmoniously. That’s what’s being maximized. … Humans are a perverse lot, and I suppose what one can reasonably hope for is incremental advances toward the good.”

16:02 Terence begins talking about Ketamine. [NOTE: He is talking about injecting Ketamine, NOT snorting it, which is a more recent phenomenon.]

17:19 “It’s [Ketamine] a troubling psychedelic, because a lot of people, I think, are doing it who have never done any other, and I think that would be very, very misleading.”

19:09 “On Ketamine your definitions dissolve so completely that it’s a major accomplishment to realize that you’re a human being on a drug.”

22:39 [Regarding synthetic vs. natural substances] “I’ve always taken the position that it was important that the psychedelic have a relationship to a plant.”

25:31 “I am Oss and my brother is Oeric. … When we wrote that, that was straight transcription. That’s what the mushroom said.” [Referring to their underground classic, “Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide”.

26:56 “The mushroom has this peculiar ability to invoke, or allow, or trigger a voice in the head, this logos-like phenomenon of information unrolling in your head. No other drug that I’m familiar with does that consistently.”

37:52 “What freedom means is you find out how good you are by discovering what you do when you have the power to destroy yourself, and we as a species are in that position and no one can do it but us. And if we do not destroy ourselves, then very obviously the intellectual tools that we have taken in hand are the tools which will send us out to the stars.”

49:57 “Science did work better in the 19th century than it’s working in the 20th because reality is slowly slipping through its fingers.”


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  1. For those who have been asking, this is the podcast in which Terence McKenna says that his TimeWave Zero graph ends on November 11th, 2012 (and later on says November 15th). So this must have been a short time before he reconciled his TimeWave with the Mayan Calendar.

  2. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=233

    HI Lorenzo,

    Thanks for your hard work. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather lately, hope you can get some rest and get well soon!

    I write because I think there is some confusion; I am a different Jay to the one who has supplied some tapes to you and recently met with you as you mentioned on the last podcast, but I am the same Jay who posted a comment about that timewave end date…

    To give you and the Saloners more of a picture of who I am I’d like to briefly say that I am a 29 year old Wellingtonian from Aoteoroa (New Zealand) currently residing in Taiwan. I had some experiences with psychedelics in my late teens – early twenties, which fascinted me as well as scaring the hell out of me.. this lead me to develop an interest in mysticism and I found myself getting into Buddhism.

    However, not being the most disciplined practitioner means that progress is slow, and I recently found myself wondering about psychedelics. Watching a talk given my Terence McKenna a few months back on cyberspace ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-60888675… ) really inspired me to get back into psychedelics in more of a serious, sincere way rather than the semi-recreational experimentation of my younger days. Then I came across the psychedelic salon, and I realize there really is a large community of people who are using the psychedelic experience in a truly positive way to really find out about themselves and this universe we are living in..

    Well, I am yet to have my first (“drug” induced) psychedlic experience since “coming back” . I feel there are a few things to get squared away first and I want the conditions to be more or less right…

    Thanks again Lorenzo!

    Kiwi Jay

    I’m about 3/4 of the way through this podcast but after listening to Terence go on about Ketamine and synthetics in comparison to organics having a shamanistic history…. I immediately thought back to this

    “Possibly, although I don’t know how you grab the morphic field of a new designer drug. For instance, I’ll speak to my own experience, which is ketamine. My impression of ketamine was it’s like a brand new skyscraper, all the walls, all the floors are carpeted in white, all the drinking fountains work, the elevators run smoothly, the fluorescent lights recede endlessly in all directions down the hallways. It’s just that there’s nobody there. There’s no office machinery, there’s no hurrying secretaries, there’s no telephones, it’s just this immense, empty structure waiting. Well, I can’t move into a sixty-story office building, I have only enough stuff to fill a few small rooms, so it gives me a slightly spooked-out feeling to enter into these empty morphic fields. If you take mushrooms, you know, you’re climbing on board a starship manned by every shaman who ever did it in front of you, and this is quite a crew, and they’ve really pulled some stunts over the millennia, and it’s all there, the tapes to be played, but the designer things should be very cautiously dealt with.” — Terence Mckenna (Mushrooms, Elves and Magic interview at Levity.org/Mavericks)

    Full interview available here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070704033747/www.lev

    Louis … thanks for that quote. I’d never read that before, but it makes complete sense to me. Looking back on my own Ketamine experiences I have to say that Terence’s empty skyscraper metaphor fits perfectly. . . . You’ve given me a lot of new things to thing about … thanks.

    Kiwi Jay … thanks for clearing that up . . . and for what it’s worth, the Jay I confused you with is an amazing and wonderful man . . . you’re in good company in my mind :-).

    Louis, thats funny you mention that quote for the same analogy of terence’ came to my mind

    Lorenzo, Great comment on the mexican people, i couldn’t have put it better! The True Americans.

    Illegal Aliens, the most recent Fad for the machines fear mongering… but don’t get me started 🙂

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.. what crazyness, cool that you found zandor though

    I feel the same about the relationship between a chemical and a plant-host. Shulgin also has a great story to tell about Phenethylamines that are synthetic as opposed to naturally occurring. The summary: the plant teachers have a conscience, whereas the synths are just accumulating a conscience and may never receive one totally. Shulgin’s approach to a flower on mescaline -vs- a compound he made. The flower survived the mescaline trip, whereas he picked apart the flower on the synth compound and never stopped to recognize it is a life form he just destroyed, whereas that is the point of the plant teachers.

    Thanks Terrence, and Thanks Lorenzo;-)

    Mike Soussan
    Hi Lorenzo,
    You have no idea how dead center you are in God’s will in these particular times. Thank you, and all the people like you, who work at catalyzing the stale chemistry of a humanity simmering in dissonant beliefs and deadly contradictions. By listening to Terence Mckenna, I can’t but wonder how a mind of that caliber could blow thru the landscapes of our civilization and not even raise a ripple. It is more a reflection of our insidious, chronic apnea of the soul rather than an indictment of this great man’s intellect and foresight. Please keep up the excellent work are you are doing;
    Best to you
    Mike Soussan
    Alhoceima, Morocco
    Feb, 2 2010

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